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Accessories For Maruti Cars...

13 May 2014, 11:28 AM

Maruti Suzuki India Limited has been a top-notch auto manufacturer of the country since the past two decades. The company has numerable models in almost all segments of the domestic automotive industry and accounts for a vast dealership network across India. Almost all of the company's models have been sold excessively in the market and the auto maker has a considerable number of fan base. Maruti cars in India are considered reliable and durable and generally last for a sizeable tenure, with minimal breakage. While purchasing any of the company's car, there are a number of accessories, which can be bought to enhance the vehicle's overall looks as well as performance. The most significant Maruti car accessories are listed below:

  1. Alloy Wheels Assembly: Alloy wheels for Maruti cars can either be purchased through the dealerships or the local retailer who sells company's genuine parts. These alloy wheels are available in a number of colours and generally arrive in a multi-spoke configuration. They help in enhancing the overall looks of the car, making it sportier and dynamic.

  1. Body Cover: Maruti body cover is available in market within the price range of Rs. 500 – Rs. 1500, depending upon the fabric used in their manufacturing. These covers are usually water-resistant and prevent the accumulation of dust on the car's body. They also help in keeping the inside of the automobile cool when it is parked under the sun.

  2. Mudflaps: A number of Maruti car dealers in India equip the cars with mudflaps, which prevent the accumulation of mud when the vehicle is being driven on muddy terrains. They also help in dodging away any stone, which gets bounced from the tyres when the car is moving.

  1. Soft Wiper Blades: Maruti Soft Wiper Blades are available in a number of accessory shops and car boutiques all across the nation. These soft blades are made up of extra-flexible rubber, which cleans all the moisture from the windshield when the wipers are operational.

  2. Roof End Spoiler: A roof end spoiler helps in stabilising the car at high speeds and benefits the overall aerodynamics of a vehicle. These can be purchased as per the Maruti car model and they also help in making the car look more stunning.

  1. Floor Mats: Maruti floor mats can be bought in a fabric material or a transparent synthetic material as per the suitability of the customer. These floor mats help in retaining the moisture content from the foot of the passengers and prevent the water to reach the metal floor of the car.

  1. Bumper Moulding Set: The bumper moulding set arrives in four pieces, which are placed at each corner of the car' bumper (both front and rear). These are made of a special type of rubber and help the car from getting any scratches in case of a collision.

  2. Sun Visor Cover: The sun visor covers are available in the market in a number of trendy colours and prints. They are also equipped with a small mirror, which provides the convenience to the passengers in case they want to get ready for an event quickly.

  1. Rear Parcel Tray: The rear parcel tray is made up of a special type of material, which can resist extra weight. These trays are ideal for storing small luggage, thereby, helping in utilising the boot space.


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