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Sitting Position In A Car...

19 December 2014, 03:36 PM

Driving cars might seem easy but there’s more to it than what meets the eye. One of the reasons why most people avoid driving their cars is the discomfort associated with the activity. Neck pain and back aches are very common with almost every driver and it affects their driving too. Therefore, a proper sitting position is supremely necessary to avoid health complications and improve driving performance. This car driving guide gives an insight on the perfect posture or sitting position, which can lead to a better driving performance.

Any auto guide on sitting position in a car will mention the importance of seat adjustment to attain the perfect posture and sitting position. The seat should be moved back as much as possible while moving the steering wheel close to the driver’s body and positioning it at about 30 degrees from the vertical level. This should be followed by elevating the seat position to a level from where everything is distinctly visible from above the steering wheel. The seat should then be moved a little forward such that the driver’s feet can easily reach the pedals. The driver must also make sure that only the balls of the feet press the pedals and his left foot rests against the dead pedal whenever he is not pressing the clutch so as to increase pelvic support. The feet should never be fully extended because it results in the knee locking up and severe injuries.

Additionally, the auto guide on sitting position in a car will describe the thighs should be placed as far apart as possible. The driver should thereafter always make sure that his hands can operate the steering wheel at ease without having to lift himself from the seat. One more important thing is adjusting the seat cushion angle, so that an adequate amount of space exists between the back of the knees and the seat cushion, failing which there will be pressure on the back of the knees which will obstruct blood flow to the legs and cause discomfort while driving. The head restraint should also be carefully adjusted to a height just above the eyelids, and sufficiently close to the driver’s head to prevent the risk of whiplash. 

Once the steps mentioned in this car driving guide are followed, driving will no longer be an uncomfortable and painful experience because a few minor adjustments in position and posture, is all that it takes to make it an enjoyable activity.

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