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How Much Should You Spend On A Car?...

08 March 2016, 03:44 PM

The Indian auto industry showcases numerous cars in each segment of the domestic market. Each prospective buyer has a different budget range within which he/she expects to get the best option available. A considerable number of domestic buyers tend to go for affordable cars, which are mostly present in the hatchback and entry-level sedan segment. These budget cars comprise several unique features to covet the attention of byers. While most people get inclined towards new models, others may also be tending to go for affordable used cars. The question of how much should you spend on a car should be answered keeping in mind some important tips. Mentioned below is a buying guide on cars that features essential points to make a profitable investment.

  1. In order to select among the vast group of affordable cars, buyers should first consider on their suitability aspect. All budget cars need not be impressive in terms of efficiency and performance, and therefore, the decision should be made after thorough analysis.

  2. How much should you spend on a car directly depends on the amount you can spend without disturbing your basic monthly budget. If people have budget constraints, they can always go for affordable used cars in the market that are in decent condition.

  3. While opting for budget cars, people should check if the necessary comfort and safety features are available or not. It is a known fact that the affordable cars won't be showcasing a lavish interior but should at least comprise features, such as AC, power steering, solid suspension system and an entertainment unit. These provisions usually arrive as standard in the car but can also be purchased as an additional accessory for other models.

  1. The most important factor to consider, before answering how much should you spend on a car, is how much the vehicle will return in the coming years. Cars with a high cost of ownership, maintenance and after sales services should be avoided as they can leave the owner bankrupt in the upcoming time.

  1. The reviews and after sales experience of buyers also come handy in making the decision process much easy. People can go through a number of portals and examine the pros and cons of a model, which they prefer. Other information regarding all the aspects of the car can also be found at these websites.

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