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How Long Does A Car Tyre Last? ...

17 June 2014, 05:15 PM

It is a general query among all he auto buyers of India that how long should a car tyre last and what is the right time to replace it. A car tyre usually has a long life of up to 50000 km depending upon how the vehicle is driven. Several domestic and global tyre companies are present in the Indian automotive industry that sells their products in a variable price range. Car tires are available in a multitude of sizes and quality depending upon its manufacturers and specific automobiles. Companies like Michelin, Yokohama, MRF, JK Tyre, Apollo and Bridgestone are among the most popular tyre companies of the nation. These tyre makers sell their products to numerable auto buyers each year and also offer impressive warranties for the same.

Car tires are also available for all types of roads and weather condition, be it for off-roading or racing. There are several factors, which determine the tyre life and might affect them if not properly considered. Experts suggest that drivers should consider certain tips and advises to maintain the condition of a car tyre and provide it with durability. These tips are as follows:

  1. The most important tip is to always keep in mind the right tyre pressures for different types of cars. A tyre needs to be inflated to a specific level, which has been determined by the auto manufacturer. One can check the pressure in car tires manually or do the same in several petrol stations and mechanical shops.

  1. To increase the tyre life, vehicle should be driven safely rather than rashly and instant acceleration or braking should be avoided as much as it can be. The car should also be driven slowly if the road conditions are deteriorated as these paths might affect the camber of the tyre and force it to bulge.

  1. Car tyre should always be purchased according to the vehicle model and the size, which has been specified by the auto maker. Buying a tyre, which is larger than the required size might reduce the performance of the car and can also get worn out soon.

Keeping these points in mind can help the owner increase the tyre life to a great extent. Also, people should keep in mind to buy tyres according to the road conditions on which they need to drive. If a person is driving an off-roading vehicle, then the tyres with big treads should be purchased so that the car does not face any problem while being driven. Similarly, there are different tyres available for summer, winter as well as rainy season and the same should be purchased accordingly. If one drives sensibly and takes care of all the measures, then the life of tyres can also be increased up to 70000 km range. If the tyres seem rugged out, then they should be replaced immediately to avoid any unexpected occurrence.

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