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How Car Motor Oil ...

January 27, 2016 14:57

After becoming a car owner, there are certain obligations regarding the vehicle as to how its proper maintenance should be carried out. Right from checking the tyre pressure to examining the car mileage and performance, all these aspects are related to the automobile’s care. An important aspect among these is checking the liquid in the vehicle's engine, such as brake oil, engine oil and coolant. Many people don't know how exactly the motor oil works and what are its basic functionalities. This is a general question asked a number of times along with the query of as to what is the exact duration after all these oils must be replaced. Motor oil is basically a lubricant, which greases the inner parts of an engine. It also performs the function of keeping these parts cool when they are under operation so that the overall performance of the car is not hindered in any manner.

The motor oil is usually manufactured from a base stock, with a pinch of additives mixed to it. The base stock accounts for almost 95 per cent of the oil's ingredient and is made up of either a synthetic chemical or petroleum or the amalgamation of these two. This base stock is beneficial in lubricating the inner parts of the motor and also removes the heat, which gets build up when the engine is running. The additives on the other hand, account for only 5 per cent of their quantity getting mixed in the oil. These additives in turn help in monitoring the oil viscosity, lubrication and also prevent the engine components from getting corroded and worn-out. Be it new cars or used models, every vehicle needs to have motor oil to function smoothly and properly.

There are various types of motor oils available and these are selected as per different car specifications. The oil for a super car is different and so is the one for a commercial or heavy utility vehicle. The working of engine depends on the type of car a person is driving and also his/her drivability. The motor oil works in the same manner for a used car as well as a new model and it is as follows:

  1. First, the motor oil is poured into the pumps, which only take the lubricant if it is at lower pressure. These pumps then convert the oil into high pressure and then transfer it to a spring-loaded valve chamber.

  1. The valve also needs a specific amount of pressure for the oil to pass through it properly. If the oil pressure is higher than the required quantity, the vales send it back to the sump as higher pressure can cause damage to the bearings.

  1. From the pump, the oil is then passed to the outside of oil filter and then it is drawn to the centre through a filter media. From the centre, the oil is allowed to pour down into the oil galleries, which are directed inside the engine.

People who seek to buy second-hand models are always advised to go for certified used cars as these are properly maintained and have the right amount of motor oil to support the engine's performance and enhance it.

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