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How A Cars Alarm System Works?...

11 July 2014, 08:05 AM

Most of the Indian automobile owners have, in their entire life, either faced the problem of their vehicle getting stolen or have heard about the same happening in the neighbourhood. Car theft is a common occurrence in the nation, where each year, thousands of vehicles are reported missing. In such cases, having an anti-theft alarm installed in the car not only proves to be beneficiary but is sensible too. The car alarm system is one of the most essential auto accessories these days and is being equipped in almost all the vehicles. This car security system is either pre-equipped in the vehicle by the auto maker or is purchased through the accessory outlets. A car protection system is highly effective in the most severe conditions and can provide safety to the vehicle to a greater extent. The car alarm system uses the following components to work in an orderly manner, which is described below:

  1. The main components used to create functional car security system are:

  • Sensors

  • Main control unit of the car

  • Highly audible sirens

  1. The manner in which all these components function systematically for the car protection system is as follows:

  • The sensors are precisely mounted on those parts of a car that are more prone to getting broken or by-passed in order to steal it. The areas, such as door handles, windows, front and rear windscreen as well as the boot lid provide safe means to enter the vehicle and steal it.

  • Whenever there is a faulty movement in the car or someone tries to open it forcefully without the use of the key, these sensors trip. This tripping is almost similar to that perceived in basic household circuits, which cut down electricity flow when the voltage supply is too high. In the case of a car alarm system, these sensors get activated when there is a forceful entry.

  • The control unit is the most significant part or the brain of the car security system. Whenever the sensors trip, they send electric signals to the main unit, which in-turn activate the highly audible sirens. These sirens have a high frequency and can gather the attention of people in surrounding instantly.

Most of the car protection system optimise the use of radio receivers and transmitters, which are paced in the control unit. Depending upon the price and utility, people can purchase several types of anti-theft alarms from the local market or through internet. It is necessary these days to buy car with proper installation of such devices so as to be cautious in the future. One can choose from the basic audio alarms, shock alarms, pressure sensing alarms, perimeter scanner alarms and tilt detector alarms as per his/her suitability. The main function of such type of car accessories is to deter the thieves from stealing the vehicle and create spontaneous attraction. They either work by creating a sound or by making the car immovable by locking its engine. In the longer run, these devices help in saving one of the most precious belonging of any individual.

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