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Guidance On Importing A Car To India...

13 May 2014, 11:24 AM

In the present world, demands of the auto fanatics have increased to such a level where they are not even content with the cars present in the Indian vehicle market. A considerable number of people are getting more inclined towards car importing, as the global market is inundated with unique and exclusive automobiles. This importing business has been present in the nation for several years now but has gradually gained pace due to the flexible and changing government schemes and policies regarding import duty on cars in India. However, there are a number of tips and tricks one should keep in mind before he/she plans to do the same. Following certain guidelines on importing cars to India can be beneficial for the owners in the long run.

  • Car import can be a tedious task if one does not have many contacts and relations in the motoring community of his nation. People need to first become aware about the type of cars they want and do a thorough research on how the car can be imported. This includes knowledge of all the associated laws, knowledge of custom duty and regulation of government. Maintaining proper relations with the motoring icons can be beneficial as they have the right information about the type of car one should import.

  • There are a number of illegal and illegitimate custom brokers available in the market, who will assure people of safe importing but will end up leaving them bankrupt. Even if an individual plans to search on the internet for a legitimate broker, he/she should first examine the background of the person and then only come to a conclusion. A lot of documentation and paperwork is required for a successful ownership of imported cars in India. Therefore, it is beneficial to hire someone, who can manage all the work and remove the pressure from one's shoulder.

  • It is of much significance to know the exact laws and regulations associated with importing duties. For a validated clearance from the custom department of India, it is necessary to follow all the rules and take care of the policies. There are a total of five major rules, which need to be taken care of while importing a car. These are:

  1. The car being imported should not have been assembled or manufactured in India

  2. It should not have been sold, loaned or leased prior to arriving in India

  3. The imported car cannot bear a registry in any other nation prior to be brought in the country

  4. The car can only be imported from the nation of the auto manufacturer

  5. The car should comply with all the regulations of Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) of 1989

Although, the option of importing is always available in India, there is also another option to fulfil the dreams of auto lovers to own a global brand. There are a number of car dealers present in the country that deal with second hand models of these iconic and precious models. Any brand's car for sale is available in their outlets and people have a wide range to select from. This method generally costs lesser than the importing business and that why has been opted by a number of car seekers all around the country.


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