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DIY - Fix Your Cars Air Conditioner...

25 June 2014, 05:05 PM

Summers approach and every individual strives to get rid of the scorching heat. The unpleasant weather outside leaves no choice for a person other than to relax at home only. This season creates an equal problem for the car owners from around the country as their most common complaint is ineffectiveness of vehicle's air conditioner. At times, the car air conditioner doesn't have a potent impact in keeping the inside cool amidst high temperature. This might be due to a problem in the main components of the car air conditioner. Certain methods and Do It Yourself (DIY) tips ensure to give the proper answer to the most common question of how to fix your car's air conditioner. One just needs to have the basic knowledge about the various parts and the mode of operation of automobile air conditioning. These tips are as follows:

Car air conditioner
  1. Car AC in India is basically partitioned into a high pressure and a low pressure area. The compressor of the AC unit is located at the high pressure side and is responsible for consuming the refrigerant and turning it into a high pressure gas. This gas is then pumped into the radiator where it turns into a liquid and starts dispelling heat.

  1. When the automobile air conditioning is switched on, this cycle gets repeated again and again. The result is that heat gets dispelled to the radiator and the cool air is blown in the car through the evaporator. If the AC unit is not working, one should first make sure if any gas or refrigerant is not leaking from the valves.

  1. In used car, the general problem of condenser clogging arises in the AC unit. The condenser of a car AC in India helps in collecting all the harmful particles in the air; thus resulting in cleaner and better air-flow. This condenser might get accumulated with too much dust in old cars and the same should be removed constantly.

  1. Make sure that during automobile air conditioning, the compressor is working properly and is switching on and off the system in interludes. If it is not working, then any fuse might not be working or there could be a faulty wiring issue.

  1. Certain other features might also go wrong in the car air conditioner, such as the radiator or the fan belt. These features are easily accessible and can be seen with naked eyes. Furthermore, there could also be a problem in the battery of the car and should be examined properly.

Car AC in India needs proper repairing and servicing constantly so as to ensure it works properly throughout the hot season. There are several equipment or AC repairing kits available in the local market that can be purchased by concerned buyers. These kits are all-inclusive of the devices and gauge meters, which regulate and check the pressure in valves.

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