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Checklist On Test Drives For First Time Buyers ...

02 December 2014, 11:20 AM

Over the years, the number of first time auto buyers has considerably increased in the domestic market, owing to a number of budget cars available for all purposes. Furthermore, the introduction of flexible plans and financial schemes from a variety of firms has transformed the dream of owning a car into a reality for a number of people. Almost all the car dealers in India are offering test drives on their models and customers are free to contact them and avail this special privilege. However, while going to take a test drive of any car, be it old or new, there are certain steps one should follow so as to avoid any kind of problems. These steps are as follows:

  1. While going on a new car test drive, it is always advised to do full preparation before leaving. Keep in mind the queries one has regarding a specific model and the same should be cleared by consulting the dealer. People should do a thorough research on the dealers present in their vicinity and shortlist the ones, which have a good customer satisfaction rate.
  1. People should not get tempted easily after reaching at the dealerships and hearing about the variety of lucrative schemes and packages on a new car. They should first take the test drive and if it satisfies their needs, then only they should go ahead and make the trading deal. One should also keep in mind the kind of tactics they should employ to avail special benefits from the dealer on minimal price.
  1. An important tip in the test drive checklist should be first getting the demonstration of the car and then only taking it for a trial. People should be patient and hear out the salesman or the expert regarding the various features and controls of the car. After people have acquired all the knowledge about the model, then only they should take it for the test drive.
  1. While buying a used car, it is recommended to first do the owner's identification by checking his and the vehicles background. Some models can be faulty or can be involved in some fraudulent matter, and purchasing such cars could be a headache on the later stages. Also, once the analysis is done, people should check the car if it has any issues related to driving or any technical features. The local mechanic should be taken along in such a case as he can be transparent about the faults persisting in the old car.
  1. People should also not forget to carry their documents and worthy certificates in case they are satisfied with the test drive and desire to purchase the car. Taking these documents along is beneficial as the validation can be done on the spot and the car can be purchased within no time. Also it is advised to directly contact the supervisor rather than the salesperson as the superior authority can make the schemes regarding any car more flexible and exclusive. People can also contact the dealerships in advance and fix an appointment with the authorities to avoid any on the spot rush.

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