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Car Servicing Checklist ...

27 January 2016, 01:01 PM

It is advised that after purchasing a vehicle, its proper maintenance should be carried out to ensure its longer life and durability. Dealerships across India recommend that the initial service check-ups of a car should not be missed as these are important in keeping the performance and efficiency ratio in balance. A car servicing guide should include few major tips and methods, which are listed below:

  1. Among the most important car servicing tips is to find out what type of service the vehicle demands. It could be a standard servicing, which includes only washing of car from the inside and outside and waxing it or the same might comprise various oil changes, checking of clutch plates and gear shifts. Therefore, it becomes significant to identify the problems persisting in the automobile and then take the necessary decision.

  2. Finding out whether one has to visit his/her own dealership from which the car was bought or could the same be done in any of the company's dealerships. New car dealers advice that a recently purchased car should be brought to them only for the initial services to avail maximum benefits. After the free services are over, an owner can take his car to any of the servicing station nearby.

  1. A number of car service centres in India also keep organising free servicing check-ups, which include benefits of free car washing, free alignment or dry-cleaning. This can be of advantage to the customers and they can visit these service stations and avail their benefits.

  1. If a person has bought his vehicle from a used car dealer, then he/she can consult the concerned dealer on the servicing issues. Usually all these type of local dealers have the provisions of washing, dry-cleaning and repairing the car. People can go to them when the car is demanding service and get the maintenance done properly.

  1. The servicing history should be kept in mind and the same should be done from time to time to ensure proper care is provided to the automobile. It is advised the owners should not exceed the interludes of servicing and should bring the car on time to keep it in good health.

  1. A number of service stations, such as Maruti car service centre, conduct servicing for cars of other companies as well. Few of the home-grown auto major's service centres have the provisions of providing top-notch service to other cars and people can take the benefits of that.

  1. One should be aware of the prices they are being charged after the free services are over. The amounts taken for each service might differ from service centres to service centres and the same should be researched properly before opting for the servicing. This analogy can be done on the internet as well as consulting the local dealers and service centres available in the market.

  1. Be it Honda car service centres or Hyundai servicing stations, all comprise efficient staff, which can easily cater to the needs of prospective buyers. Unlike the local mechanics, the engineers of these renowned service stations are highly qualified and exactly know what they are doing. Therefore, it is recommended that a visit to the local mechanic should be skipped and the car should be brought to the authentic service stations only.

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