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Baby Seat Fitting And Child Restraint Guide...

04 May 2015, 04:12 PM

A car is considered to be a more safe and reliable vehicle than 2-wheelers owing to its configuration. It provides protection to the occupants from all sides and is also equipped with state-of-the-art safety features. However, any unexpected occurrence might provide harm to the passengers sitting inside if proper safety measures are not being followed. The most crucial moment is when an infant is sitting inside the car and is not buckled properly. One of the most significant tasks to manage while driving the car is examining the full safety of a toddler. Almost all the cars in India feature modern safety provisions, which keep the occupants safe from any adversity. Still, ensuring the safety of an infant is a must and there are a number of products available in the market for the same purpose.

One such product is the child restraint fitting seat, which can be easily mounted on the car seats and provides extra care to the babies in case of a collision. In some of the countries, these car baby seats have become a mandatory feature in any vehicle, which is carrying a toddler. The child restraint fitting seats are equipped with multi-harnesses, which buckle up the baby strongly with the vehicle seats. These restraints arrive in a number of configurations, depending upon the age of the infant and are easy to mount in the car. Experts suggest that for a child below 6 months of age, a properly fastened and approved rearward-facing restraint is the most suitable. The rearward as well as forward-facing restraint can be used in case of a child who is between the age of 6 months and 4 years. All these restraints have the provision of an in-built harness, which can be easily adjusted as per the users’ requirement.

Baby seat fitting in car generally requires minimal effort and time and provides utmost safety to the toddlers. Car baby seats these days are being installed with the LATCH, which is the Lower Anchor and Tethers for Children system. The LATCH system is not present in most of the cars in India; therefore the domestic buyers make use of the vehicle's seatbelt to connect the child restraint fitting seats. Big sedans as well as small cars in India have the utility of in-built seatbelt locks, which keep the belts in a definite position and do not let it retract. The baby seat fitting in car also requires people to examine if these restraints are adjustable as per the vehicle seats or not. While installing these seats to the belts, it must be checked whether the buckle has been properly inserted into its port and is not hanging lose.

It should also be taken care of that the car baby seats are not passing over the pelvic of the toddler and are not being tied too tightly. The in-built harness of these restraints is considered optimal for children below the weight of         18kg and for children above the given weight, a separate harness can also be purchased. Baby seat fitting in car is not the only safety aspect one should look for, but the steadiness of the vehicle itself should be analysed first. It is always suggested to buy a car, which is of highest safety standards and is built up of a strong crumpled zone.          

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