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Auto Guide On Gas Vs. Hybrid Vs. Electric...

20 April 2015, 03:31 PM

Hybrid cars encompasses automobiles like Toyota Prius, Hyundai i10, Reva, Chevrolet Spark, Chevrolet Volt etc. and gasoline cars that are available in India generally are the regular cars we see on streets on daily basis. Few of them are: Maruti Suzuki Alto CNG, Maruti Suzuki Estilo CNG, Maruti Suzuki Wagon R and so on. One needs an auto guide on fuel efficient cars in India to determine which car out of Hybrid and Gas are more competent.

Diesel vehicle, Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle, Gasoline-Ethanol (E85) and Liquid Petroleum Gas constitute the category of gasoline cars. Electric cars in India are also gaining immense fame due to their environmental friendly approaches.

Auto guide on fuel efficient cars in India compares the viability of hybrid cars, LPG cars, CNG cars and electric cars in India.  A hybrid vehicle utilizes two or more separate power sources to travel. It is well known that hybrid cars have great gas mileage, but less familiar is the ever-improving performance. Hybrid vehicles are more efficient and are green cars in the true sense because it produces lower emissions than gas controlled automobiles.

An electric vehicle also referred to as an electric drive vehicle, utilizes one or more electric motors or grip motors for thrust. An electric vehicle can be controlled throughout by a collector system of electricity, from off-vehicle sources. Or it may be self-enclosed with a battery or generator to transfer fuel into electricity. Electronic vehicles apart from cars also include road and rail vehicles, surface and underwater vessels, electric aircraft and electrically-powered space vehicles. Both hybrid and electric are similar and these vehicles are improving in terms of performance thanks to technological advancement. They come with many of the same features that their traditional counterparts do, offering high performance steering and superb quality brakes. There are certain advantages of Hybrid cars which make it a better option than gas cars:

  • Clean energy.

  • Regenerative braking.

  • Lower fossil fuel dependence.

  • Lighter weight.

  • A smaller engine.

  • Higher maintenance costs.

Electric cars in India are better than LPG and CNG because, the main concern with gasoline on the environment, notwithstanding the complications of its extraction and refining, is the potential effect on the climate. Hybrid cars have the electric motor which is generally simpler to toil on as compared to the standard gasoline engine. The reason is clear because of its production and further construction. LPG cars and CNG cars are less popular due to high maintenance and cost incurrence as compared to Hybrid cars. It is important to have an auto guide on fuel efficient cars in India because it saves you from the trouble and hassle of too much fuel consumption and expenditure.

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