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A Used Car Buying Guide For Students...

26 February 2016, 02:55 PM

Used cars in India have a good market since there are a lot of buyers who look forward to buy second hand cars. Among them, budding professionals, students and young servicemen form the main bunch, who has more tendency of buying used cars. People who have recently learnt driving also look forward to practise and perfect their newly-acquired skills on used cars before going for a brand new one. This has paved the path for the rise of a number of used car dealers in India, who buy and sell second hand cars.

However, buying a second hand car is easier said than done and it takes quite some expertise to do the same. Many people have wracked their brains on how to buy a used car depending upon their choice and personal requirements. Online searches have been made with the tags of car buying guide on several occasions. The main question that arises while going for a new car is the dos and don’ts associated with the process. Several people have shared their experience and the problems they have faced while giving used car buying tips.

There is a growing tendency of used car dealers in India and even abroad, to wind up the odometer backwards just to reduce the display of number of kilometres travelled. Contrary to the public opinion, this is a crucial aspect as the number of kilometres travelled usually has a significant contribution to the price of the vehicle. The lesser the number of kilometres travelled, higher is the price. It is thus, suggested to take a mechanic or a friend who has this knowledge of finding the actual number of kilometres while you are paying a visit to a garage. The first and foremost thing to remember when buying used cars in India is to have an expert guide to accompany you while checking the vehicle.

Another important aspect to keep in mind if you are looking for used car buying tips is the presence of original documents and validations. Used car dealers in India sometimes buy these models at much cheaper rates just because of the fact that the seller does not have the original paperwork. However, this might be a major problem if you do the same while purchasing used cars in India. It might turn out to be a hefty expensive affair to get the paperwork done because of the absence of these valid documents. This is an important thing to check out before signing a deal and one of the crucial checklist points in used car buying tips.

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