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Dear experts, i have diesel indica2002 model,2days back its timing belt broken while driving,after thn car cud not start.when machanic cames he told me'we need to open head also changed all 8 valves now he told me shaft also broken in 3 peases.also told me that we hav to send that head on lathe machine job (i think all will cost appr.10k)now i want ask u is this possible after breaking timing belt ? am waiting for ur answers. thanks Umesh
By Umesh 07 July 2010

well i`m not that well versed in this but will tel you this 2002 indica will need these works. now or later is the only question. and about the head in the lathe well it is inevitable afer 1L km`s in case of indica it is for correct allignment or something like that for the valves.. but a word of caution mate you can easily be fooled for a bit of diesel in the head and your engine will run another 1000 km`s so just run around the city and ask for references of mechanics with best reputation. the company service might not always be that good. the shaft breaking thing is a bit serious if i am any judge. did your car make any rumbling noices especially in the low Rpm range of a lower gear? well if yes then it probably has, otherwise the mechanic is leaching you.

Answer by Sooraj 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

Even in worst cases the camshaft in head wont brake.It is quite evident that the mechanic is taking you for a ride. Please take the car to authorised service center/dealer.If the mechanic is from authorised service center only then ask them to give complete report onwhat was done when timing belt was broken. Later the matter can be taken up through Tata regional service manager.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010
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