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hi, i stay in hyderabad and i bought my i10 car 8months ago . till now i have driven around 5000kms. but i am disapppointed with its mileage. after two servicings i am getting a mileage of 9kmpl only which sucks me. when i asked the service center people people they said the mileage will be improved after 10000kms. and they are not responding properly. are the other owners getting the same. how would i improve my mileage. can i take a legal action against the distributor.
By Satheesh 07 July 2010

9 kmpl is avery low mileage for i10.
I get on average 16 kmpl with A/c on in Hyd with 1.1L iRDe engine, from day one of delivery. If yours is a 1.2L Kappa engine it should be giving more

Answer by Srinivas 07 July 2010

with confidence level of 100 percent I can say that "You are really bad driving habits (simply not shifting higher gears on time )".Automotive research Association of india has given I10's miledge of over 19 kmpl. Every one should get it provided that there is no fuel leakage. Secondly Mileadge won't improve after servicing.It is a preventive maintenance.

Answer by Sagar S Ade 07 July 2010

As per Sagar please check your driving habits running.
Dont drive in half clutch And it will damage the clutch plate and gear box also.
One more question is ur i10 having auto transmission or manual.
If its auto then average u r getting is may be ok according to city u r driving.

Answer by Ameya 07 July 2010

simply open the companys website & lodgea complaint tp company chairman in dirty language,then company will take action against dealer

Answer by Lakshay 07 July 2010

the mileage specs given above are rubbish. 19 indeed. i happen to own a petrol 800 MPFI 5 speed giving me 22 in city which indicates i`v got good driving habbits and mind you my clutch is almost gone and still i get it.and i happen to drive an i 10 for almost 3 months which never even once gave me a mileage more than 12 with AC and 15.'s w/o it neither did the other owner. don decieve ppl alrite. and now your car mite have some problem in injection or something like that. these hundai ppl are behaving curiously these days. no scope for legal action. they`l easily spoof you. best way is contact the hogher boss and threaten em that u`l give a written complaint to consumer court.

Answer by Sooraj 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

Insist on the dealer service manager to get mileage test done on your car.That will give exact mileage you are supposed to get. If it is still 9KMPL, there must be problem in fuel supply system like throttle body problem etc.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010

We have an i10, it has never given us more than 8 KM in the city. we have done mileage check in which it gives 10 km on straight road without any traffic and driving in high gear, the dealers suggested us avoid using 1st hear totally, they say that i10 does not give 10 km in the city. All the advertisement on the fuel mileage in i10 is hog wash. I intended to take my case to consumer court for cheating through false advertisement.

Answer by Raj 07 July 2010

I have a Hyundai i10 1.1L iRDE.It gives me around 13-14 kmpl with AC in the city.And i have used it for 2.5 yrs now.I dont face such mileage problems.So get your car thoroughly checked for the mileage problem.

Answer by Tarun Patel 07 July 2010
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