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Hi Shiva/Readers I have a Sonata automatic(2001) which clocked around 172000 Ks. The service centre suggested to replace the timing belt after these many Ks. Is it necessary?? What are the impacts it will do negatively if not changing. How often wheel alignment of a car tyres to be done?? Will an alignment to be done more frequently(say once in three months) if the car drives through roads with potholes or gutters??
By Rajan Baby 07 July 2010

Timing Belt needs replacement due to wear and tear, if not replaced then misfiring happens in the engine(irregular intake of air, fuel and improper exhaust) which may leed to power loss and other internal damages of Piston, crankshaft..Etc..
Wheel alignment is usually done in every 5000km

Answer by Vinoth 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

It is necessary to replace timing belt once in 60K KM or more as recommended by manufacturer. Timing belt is a sensitive and important part of ignition timing.In case of break of timing belt due to stresses it is undergoing there are chances moe excessive relative damages in timing gears and hence it has to be replaced as per schedule.
Wheel alignment can be done once in 5K KM once or depending upon ride quality, tyre wear out etc.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010
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