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My family is searching for 1.2 petrol hatch. They have choosen beat and i10 and also polo(bit expensive) but confused. So what's ur opinion!
By Amol Deep 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

Though i10 is bit more spacious than Beat. Beat has advantage of better styling,warranty backup,power and cost effectiveness.Hence makes a better selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

Beat has more style then i10 and if you consider polo it is much above these two hence makes better choice in styling safety though it might be a bit expensive in maintanence

Answer by Ashish 06 June 2010

pl. answer following and then decide.
Do you want a fresh looking car?
What is expected performance ?
Do you compromise for fuel economy /safety for getting performance ?
How many kms per day ?
How many years you will keep this vehicle ?
I want to say ,if you are practical then i10 may suit you. if you are ready to spend then buy polo.
Answer this then I can suggest you well.
As a common man all cars are good.

Answer by Sagar S Ade 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

The beat is the max value for money as it comes with features which even the polo does not have like an auto climate control etc. at a much lower price.Another very good car you can consider is the swift.

Answer by Rohit 06 June 2010

Both i10 and beat are good options(for the price).But you should prefer i10 ,if your budget allows you, as Chevrolet's reputation in India is not good(till date).Both are good looking and performance wise there scores are almost equal.But you should keep in mind that Beat is new to market as compared to i10.So my suggestion is i10.

Answer by Suyash 06 June 2010

Hyundai is providing great after-sale, even better than Maruti, since I own both (Maruti & Hyundai) car, also built is very good and the re-sale value of Hyundai cars are better than others. In my opinion I10 will be better option, cause I10 has already proved, its agood car compare to Chevrolet Beat. No dout look of Beat is better than I10.

Answer by Jagjit Singh 06 June 2010

If you can spend some extra money and want the best practical car wit virtually zero maintainance with latest in technology with 1.2 Powertrain with up to top class LUXURY with Driver's car with complete peace of mind and no matter what other may think then. then go for the car who won car of the year award which I owned 3 months ago is.. is.. Maruti Suzuki Ritz ZXi max cost of petrol 5.50 Lakhs on road with many of the accessories. I have spend Absolutely ZERO (0) Rs. in the last three months since I baught it. Live the moment of your life. If you are newcomer to cars then you wont able to know what this Japanese Technology with Europian Design offers, but if you are a good to better driver then you will definitely love (yes ofcourse not LIKE but LOVE)the car. Absolutely silent that I restarted the ignition 3times when the car was already start. and in long run with proper aintainance with better driving habits it will give the average of more than 20 KMPL. Mine is giving 22.5 in city driving (though it's ZXi, otherwise LXi and VXi will give more than that) and HIghway? Its a BREEZE. Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect car as you dont purchase a CAR daily like your shoes. Please think over that. No one write like this comment so long.Perfect for your family but ready to answer that the shape is odd (By peoples' view and not mine. and as time passes you will definitely like and love that car. Have a good day) My mobile +91 9923381905 Maharashtra India.

Answer by Vijay Gholap 06 June 2010

22.5 kmph for a ritz 1.2 K series engine is next to impossible in city driving. For that matter any 1.2 lts engine will not deliver fuel efficiency of more than 12-13 kmpl with A/C on in city conditions. What does our experts say.
Mr. Deep dont go in for beat as you your experience of owning a car may take a deep jolt in form of poor Chevvy service. Go for the more trusted i10. Polo needs to be given a fair amount of time to establish itself in the market, but will definitely be heavier on the pocket compared to other two. Good Luck

Answer by Shikhar 06 June 2010

its something very surprising that ritz giving 22kmpl.
i wanna thank you all for your guidance. we have decided to go for i10 till now but we will definately look for ritz too but not swift coz of that cramped rear seats. and about chevrolet,they are giving free maintainance and service for an year. but we will see. thanks :)

Answer by Amol Deep 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

I agree with Shikhar.It is impossible for the ritz petrol to give 22 kmpl.The diesel might give a figure like that but that also when you drive in 5th gear at a steady 50-60 kmph.
But on the other hand I would like to reiterate that the beat is a very good car and there is nothing wrong in owning a chevy.In fact the maintainence package offered by them as well as the warranty is the best in the business and the beat overall is a much better car then the i10.

Answer by Rohit 06 June 2010

BEAT very good car but has to stand the test of time esp.Chervolet which in the past has not been so good.
i 10 has already proved itself
Ritz ZXi 22 km/l in city is incredible. My swift VDi in city gives an average of 15. May be i am a novice driver

Answer by Harpreet 07 July 2010

Own a RITZ LXI. Bought recently - 30 days back.

No don't think We can get 22 kmpl. 13 - 14 likely in city with A/C on.

i10 is good. RITZ is better at same price point.

buy LXI & put power windows , music system from dealer & probably price would not be very high.

Engine is very silent , but probably i10 will also have similar silent engine.

Try both this cars & decide.

Not in favour of Chevy.

GM India is now 50 % owned by Chinese car maker ( I think SIAM ) & personally do not trust chinese manf.

Answer by Deepam Morparia 07 July 2010

Hi Mr.Amol,

Both Beat & Ritz are equal peformers, but Beat is little new on this field, whereas Ritz is from stable co., Maruti so people will go for renowned products which are worth of your investments on car, but surely Beat is getting more more on roads and people interested to buy new style, new products, and surely I-10 is also very good proven car but finally my choice is Ritz unanimously, u should test drive all the cars and decide which suits your taste.

Answer by S Joshi 07 July 2010
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