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namaskaara shivanna., mangalore nalli fuel injector nozzle re calibrate maadoru illa. Bangalore nalli yaaru maadthare gotta? salpa awara address idre kodteera? Dhanyavada galu. question asked in Kannada Just to test Shiva's patience ;)
By Vishoo 06 June 2010

shivanna, As you said I got the fuel injectors cleaned but no where in Mangalore I could find the workshop where they recalibrate the fuel injector nozzles. For mangaloreans, the only alternative in such case is to replace the existing injector with a new one, which cost something like 3k per piece. My car has run just 62k kms and I think there is still more life left in the existing injectore. so please provide me the address of the best workshop where they clean and re calibrate the injectors and also telephone number if possible.

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010

oh sorry, Don't get confused with my vehicles. The question was asked regarding the petrol vehicle which is a MPFI. Mitsubishi Lancer

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

(Kannada)Vishoo aware, Petrol fuel injector saha calibrate madabahudu adaru injector calibration center sigodu kasta.Diesel injector calibration machine yella kade sigutte.Addarinda hosa injector upayogisuvudu uttama.(Kannada)

(English)The petrol Injector can also be calibrated but availability of the same is very less.Getting diesel injector calibrated is easy due to availability everywhere but not so for petrol injectors.Hence The better idea lies in going for replacement as it not only solves the problem but can also be used for long term.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

Dhanyavadagalu shiva Dhanyavadagalu. (kannada)

Thank you shiva Thank you (English )

I am pretty much pleased with your down to earth suggestion. I also think it would be wiser to replace all the 4 injectors in a single go.

Thanks once again. May god Bless You.

Hey Joshi... Finally shiva has answered my question in kannada. ;)

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010

Hey Vishoo,

Thumba khushiaitho maryare, Bye! oops/ vandanegalu and Mr.shiva is always very nice/humble guy. ayyoyo! shiva avvru thumba nidhana mattu talmeya vekti alvura.

Answer by S Joshi 06 June 2010

howdoo.... howdooo. Joshi, tavu yaava oorinavaru?

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010

Vishoo avare,

Namma ooru dharwada adare naaviga poona dalliddeve, yaradaru bala thakre kadeyavru keliskondre thubma kashta maryare! namaskara mattu aa hudgi pauli maryategi artha agalla summane buddi heluvadaralli artha illa vishoo avare, bit bidi.

Answer by S Joshi 06 June 2010

howdu joshi avare, tumbaa oratu hudugi. Gandubheeri. AAdre avala olage olletana ide anta buddi helde. Tappu tilkolbedi. Mane kade ella chennagiddaraa?

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010


You have become good friend of mine, thats what I believe and please mistake me, lets keep this friendship thr this forum for long, how about your life then? I am married and have a son aged about 10 years studying in 5th Std. in ICSE pattern, have u married, hope so?, if not get married soon.

Answer by S Joshi 06 June 2010

please read it as dont mistake me, sorry for error? Oops.

Answer by S Joshi 06 June 2010

joshi Avare,

I am from mangalore . I am a Gowda Saraswath Brahmin and fortunately still a single. The main aim of my life is to see the smile on every face that I come across and thats the main reason I still want to spend rest of my days as a single. Its just my view of life so please don't get offended. Yes. Lets participate in many of the Q & A and create a pleasant atmosphere. Give my regards to your parents and every one at home.

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010

Vishoo avarige namaskara!

Nimma parichayavadaddu thumba istavada sangathi, nanoo saha smartha brahmin, yavadadru hudgi edre nodla maryare! o beda beda! neevu brahmachariyage irtinta teermana madeedira, so hagagi nimma istakke virudha madhuve prastapa madolla, nimma maneya hiriyarige nanna manapoorva namaskara.

Answer by S Joshi 07 July 2010

Whats going on!?!?!?!!?!

Answer by Wolverine 07 July 2010

hey wolvorine... we have discovered that this site can be converted as a good chat room. Lol

Answer by Vishoo 07 July 2010
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