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I am planning to buy a premium hatchback,confused between two cars hyundai i20 and vw polo.i ve heard that i20 is underpowered and sluggish in 2nd gear and needs frequent downshifting in traffic due to smaller gear ratios.polo has a smooth,accurate gear shift n taller gear ratios but a noisy 3 cylinder engine.
By Ambarish 06 June 2010

dear ambarish,
pls try to swift vdi(abs)and gear very smooth/pik up is superb/avg also a issue(bcz of heavy cost of petrol)avg 18+ in diesel(diesel rate 35rs in gurgoan)running cost 2rs per km mentinence is not question(maruti brand)second option is fiat punto/uva(cheverlot) is beteer than polo.
devinder yadav

Answer by Davinder Yadav 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

Hyundai i20 though the power looks less compared to to the size, the performance is good and reliable.It can be driven at speed of more than 150KMPH which is quite good.Polo is technically advanced and so do the build quality,design engineering.Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.However to select one Hyundai i20 would be better choice considering waitig period,service network.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

I my suggestion I20 will be better option, I have driven I20 its quit ok, specially the great after-sales by Hyundai its better than Maruti, cause I own both the cars (Maruti & Hyundai), if U want real power then opt for I20 in Deisel version, no other car can over-take U in its segment. On the other hand Polo is also a good car, but one may suffer, due to lack of spare parts in comparesion to I20.

Answer by Jagjit Singh 06 June 2010

I20 will be better option in long term.

Answer by Jatinder Singh 06 June 2010

i do not find the i20 underpowered .although polo is internationally famous for its proven trackrecord i would prefer the i20 which is pretty decent package backed by good service network and mr yadav diesel is no more at rs 35 in its rs 37 to a litre .

Answer by Rajiv 06 June 2010

The price of Deisel rised by Rs. 2.00 per litre.
The price of Petrol rised by Rs. 3.50 Approx. per litre

Answer by Jatinder Singh 06 June 2010

hi ambarish you found right that i20 is under powered
if your option is a premium hatchback, then choose swift vdi(abs)which gives you adequate power,comfort and excitement and also the head turning meilage of 20 or if make your second option as fiat punto or chevourlet uva or the ritz

Answer by Sharath Chandra 06 June 2010


Answer by Karthik 06 June 2010

hi karthik, i am planing to but i20 petrol, pls advise me on its ac performace also as i have heard is not good. Pls suggest. i20 petrol or any other. my rn is only 10-15kms per day. pls suggest.

Answer by Sonal 06 June 2010

Polo was car of the year beating toyota's car (don't remember its name). If you are looking for better build quality and better chasis, better suspension then Polo is the one. After sales service should be the same for both the cars in metro and big cities. But if you live in small town then Hyundai is better bet for servicing. Also I found Hundai A.S.S. to be not so good having experience of Santro. They just want to make money. Maintenance of my Honda City is less than Santro. Though both where bought as used cars. My choice is definitely Polo.

Answer by Gourav 06 June 2010
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