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Shivanna, Namaskaara, Chennagiddeera?? my car fuel injectors are moderately clogged I guess as I feel some jerks while suddenly accelerating the car . Is there any way to clean these injectors without the aid of machines (injector cleaner)..? If it is possible, can you let me know the name of the product that can help me to clean the injectors and also let me know the procedure how to carry on the cleaning itee vandanegalondige, nimma vishwasi Vishoo
By Vishoo 06 June 2010


I forgot to add that this car is a mitsubishi Lancer.

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

Namaskara Vishoo awarige

The injectors can be removed and cleaned with the spray available like that of WAXCO etc. However We strongly recommend to get the injector calibration done. The amount of fuel and the spray characteristics matters a lot in determining the combustion efficency. Hence apart from cleaning calibration is very essential for better performance.This can be done with injector testing machines only.


Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

Hey vishoo,

True kannada style, but neevu prashneyannu kannadalle kelaabekittu, andre thuma tamashayagirutte alva? namma shiva avara talmege mattu uttarisuva vidhanakke hats off!

Answer by S Joshi 06 June 2010

ayyo bhattre,

Kannadadalle mataadova. Aadre Bal thackrey ge kannada andre allergy. gottilvaa?? LOL (English nalli negaadidakke kshamisi ) ;)

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010

i have same problem with my lancer yaar help me. salpa salpa jerk. help me while changing gears. LPG installed.

Answer by Viren 06 June 2010

viren swami aware... nimage nanna namaskaara--- ;-)

I think the fuel injector is the main culprit. shiva told me to clean the injectors and recalibrate it. Unfortunately in Mangalore, we do not have any workshop that calibrates the injector. I tried cleaning of the injectors. No use.. the jerks never stopped. Now I have decided to completely replace all the 4 injectors with a new ones and to save the cost I am fitting the new and original injector nozzle of maruti cars as the same is a perfect fit to Lancer. Total cost 6k . If you buy it from Lancer show room Total cost will be not less than 12k :(

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010
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