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Sir I have Maruti Suzuki Versa DX2 2004 Model it a type of van as i am having a problem is the engine overheating i have changed the thermostat, hose pipes and the thermostat cap cleaned the airfilter, radiator but the problem of overheating take place when car is in Ac on its overheats in 5 to 10 km but on running the car without ac it doesnt overheats till 40 to 50 km I dont know want the problem the water boils in the reserve tank and comes out of it inlet on overheating and when car overheats in AC the Ac stops giving cool air it gives lukewarm air what maybe the problem and my Van has two fans one for radiator and one for AC whereas the engine is under the drver seat and in which direction should the radiator fan should work clockwise or anticlockwise please help please
By Avinash 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

The overheating with AC on could be due to malfunctioning of condenser fan shroud assy. Please get the same inspected.The Radiator fan should be working anticlockwise to suck air on to the engine.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

thank u for the suggestion i would check it but in versa the engine is under the driver seat and there is nothing in the bonnet of the van just the radiator fan and ac fan condensor
is catyaltic converter can cause overheating how to check faulty one

Answer by Avinash 06 June 2010

Even I am having same problem even the same car. But except the AC problem. AC is working fine. But anyone pls help. Did u got ur car problem solved?

Answer by Virgil Wylie 06 June 2010

have u changed the thermostat and my mechanic is asking to change the head gasket what ur suggestion main problem is the on overheating the water gets splling out from the reservior tank do u having the problem

Answer by Avinash 06 June 2010

There will be a Thermostat valve, when the car is new it works good, and it stucks sometimes when car is old, we have to remove it.

Answer by Chaitanya Reddy 07 July 2010

Versa DX
2004 model
Heting problem

Answer by Balachandran 04 April 2018

Versa DX
2004 model
Heting problem

Answer by Balachandran 04 April 2018
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