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i am planing on buying a bike and have short listed three i.e HH karizma, Bajaj Pulsar 220, and Thunderbird Twinspark. I would like to know which of these is the best buy. My priority is low maintenance and good mileage. please advise.
By Partho 06 June 2010

Agree with Sooraj.
Why don't you try new RE Classic 350 or 500.
Also resale value mostly depends on where are you looking to sale the bike.

Answer by Abhijit 06 June 2010

since u seem to require low maintainance and good mileage best buy would obviously be hh karizma. Thunderbird doesn give u both. even though bajaj mite be cheaper compared HH K but in terms of steady performance and longer life HH K wud me a much more sensible choice.

Answer by Sooraj 06 June 2010

Never go through Karizma, Among all the three Thunderbird is the best and having the good resale value.

I have a HH Karizma 2007, selling price is 25000/-

Answer by Amit Kumar Singh 06 June 2010

Partho, you have to set the right priorities. Bullet is a classic bike. You dont buy it because it gives you low milage and low maintenance. You buy it because you want a bullet. There is no convenience in the bullet, its a statement. The fact that it is low on maintenance is another thing altogether. Karizma and Pulsar is a comparison you can do. Bullet you cannot include in the same range. Owing the bullet is an experience. It does need more regular maintenance than regular bikes, but people do it lovingly. There are clubs dedicated to bullet lovers. Also pls avoid the thunderbird, there is a design flaw in the wannabe thunderbird, take the electra twinspark or the classic if it fits in your budget. The classic is diff only in looks, the electra is the same engine everything same. After you buy the electra, remember to spend a little extra and change to a older silencer for the authentic sound.


Answer by Madjack 06 June 2010

I totally with Madjack in his opinion. Bullets and especially, the TBird are a totally different class and can never be compared to other bikes. TBird is a cruiser. You buy it cos you want to own a Bullet cruiser. The Tbird is a tad difficult to use in the city due to it's heavy build and long turning radius. The Karizma and P220 comparison - The P 220 gives you more bang for the buck. Better performance, better equipment and better price. The Karizma scores in having a Fuel injected system, which gives it a more smoother ride. The Karizma also has a more relaxed sitting position compared to the P220's racing stance. So decide your priority and choose.

Answer by Prashant Morparia 06 June 2010

Hi Partho

All the replies above are very useful and true as they are based on experience.

I would like to tell you that I am one of the pioneers of Karizma buyers. Bought it in 2004. My bike has done 166,547 kms till today. Has been to leh and back to delhi. I have seen the speedo reading 145+ on the delhi noida delhi (DND flyover)Fuel efficiency in City has been 38 KMPL (at speeds of 50 - 80 KMPH)on highway 48 (at speeds 100 - 110) FE dependends on the way you drive.

So friend go ahead and buy the best (Karizma).

If Bullet is a statement then Karizma is sheer QUALITY and CLASS.

School and college boys in Delhi who have Karizma ZMR's and R's call my bike the killer karizma as it is the oldest version of karizma with raw power.

Answer by Vineet 06 June 2010

yup i read everything wat other pple said i dont say they are wrong may they hve some experience nd hve suggested u but u ask me i will tell u bullet cannot be compare with 220 nd karizma... yes karizma has no resell value... but i hve it nd even 220 with my bro ... so i wud suggest u karizma... u shud service nd mantain it if u thinking 4 long term use... its not tiring... at all atleast then 220... ultimate its ur choice!!!! its ur pocket going 2 suit u !!! all the best

Answer by Saahil Jadhav 06 June 2010

Pulsar 220 would be a better choice compared to karizma and thunderbird. Pulsar 220 gives a good mileage and its a good allround performer. The mileage of the bike in city limits is 45kmpl and a 50 to 55kmpl on the highways. Pulsar 220 comes in two diffrent models i.e. Projector doom and a street fighter model.

Answer by Ravi Teja 06 June 2010

I own a pulsar 220 and i can tell you that there is no other bike in the indian market that thrills you more.Its superb on performance,maintenance and returns a good mileage too.I am gettin 42-45 kmpl in city riding conditions.And if you want out and out straightline performance then opt for P220 streetfighter which has been crowned the best straightline performer by OVERDRIVE.Finally the choice is yours.

Answer by Tarun Patel 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the options mentioned Thunder bird would be the best selection. The advantages are the reliability for more than 15 years, stylish and improved mileage from earlier versions.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

It appears that you are making an entry into the field of two wheelers for the 1st time. If that is the case, please stay away from the vehicle mentioned by you and instead have a look at the black and silver combo Hero Honda Super Splendour 125cc. This bike is ideal for you. This is a user friendly bike which is very low on maintenance and gives superb economy as well. You will enjoy your ride too very much and the reliability of Hero Honda comes as standard equipment. Once you use this for 5 years and still feel the need for more power, you may think of something else. Chances are you will never want to part.

Answer by Microman 06 June 2010
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