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presently i having chevy spark since 2009 and i am not happy with average it is giving in city with ac on very low (8kmpl) compare to other 1200cc small segments car . It is very disappointed to drive this car with very low average. waiting for your comments
By Rajesh Sippy 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

It is quite suprising to hear that a spark is giving 8kmpl. There is either something wrong with the car or with your driving habits. Get the car checked up with the Chevy guys and tell them your problem.
Mileage can be little lower if you drive in a congested city like Mumbai but 8 kmpl ???

Answer by Quraish 06 June 2010

My dear friend,sorry to ask you; Do you really know driving and gear shift pattern ?
pl. read gears usage below.This should give you
at least 14-15 kmpl with A/C.
1. 0 to 10 kmph.(1st gear)
2.10 to 20 kmph..(2nd gear)
3.20 to 30 kmph..(3rd gear)
4.30 to 45 kmph..(4th gear)
5.45 and above(5th gear)

Answer by Sagar S Ade 06 June 2010

Hello Spark !

Have the car checked @ your GM service point ~ And let them know your problem !

Has this been the same case ever since Day One ? 8 Kmpl ?

Does any thing get better on the highway driving in 5 th gear above 60 Kmph ?

If nothing happens it is complex ! Or dead simple ?

Check out ..... and let me know !

sing !!!

Answer by Somender Singh 06 June 2010

Chevy Spark giving you 8 KMPL in City? Its amazing man. Even if a fresher drives this car would get an average of 11.5 with full AC on in city and for experienced getting 13 - 14 KMPL is normal with full AC.
Please try to learn the gear shifts it would try to solve your problem.
Furthermore the engine is 1000 CC and not 1200 CC.
The car is best in this segment for this price range.

Answer by HighwayStar 06 June 2010

plz get to the chevrolet showroom and get a complete check up of ur car regarding the mileage and as mentioned by other take consideration on the gear shifting patterns, this can surely solve ur probs and will give you a better mileage.

Answer by Sajeer 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

With Spark expected mileage is around 15KMPL. The mileage you are getting at around 8KMPL is very less and there needs thorough inspection to be done in fuel supply system.Probably a malfunctioning fuel pump could be the cause.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

I had a very similar experience with my 2008 model Spark.When I observed that I was just getting 10-12 Km/L for city driving,I was running it mostly without AC.However I must admit that I used to get 20 Km/L on highway.It only goes to show that the car is really fuel efficient only when cruising at about 60 Km/hr on 5th gear.

Answer by Sudeep 06 June 2010

i just got a spark ls less than 30 days ago. it gives me 10kmpl in the city driving. i switched from a santro (7 years). my driving pattern/route has not changed. iwas getting 12kmpl with the santro. chevy people tell me it will improve after i have done abt 2000 km. i hope they are right. the santro was a 2003 car and the engine,1100 cc.

Answer by Ranbir S 08 August 2010

I agree with you, i have chevy spark since Nov 2009 and i am not happy with Milege it is giving in city with ac on very low (8kmpl) without AC as compare to other 1200cc small segments car . It is very disappointed to drive this car with very low average. My driving experience is 12 yrs. we have Honda City which gives 13KMP in city and high way 20kmp.

Answer by Priya 08 August 2010

You have to clean throttle body once in 30000 km

Answer by Rajendran 09 September 2022
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