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Please guide me which car to purchase with a budget of around Rs.3 lac for a family of 4-5. 1. New Wagon R 2010 (LX) 2. Estilo (LX) 3. Alto (LXI) 4. Santro (GL) Or any other you suggest. I drive about 300 km per month and within 10-15 km radius. Thanking you.
By S Kumar 06 June 2010

Dear i suggest u, santro, its all package of small car segment. otherwise you go for new car like beat or figo.

Answer by RAJ 06 June 2010

how many times this question has been askedd!!!!
buddy choose for urself, all cars are good,

Answer by Umesh 06 June 2010

Hay go for new car belive me its a very good car. Easy to drive in city & mileage is also good.
Go for VXi model u will get it in 4.17 Lacs on road in Pune

Answer by Kedar Bendre 06 June 2010

I wish the Spark would be a very good option.

Answer by Amar Verma 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

All the cars in your list are good but considering that 4-5 people will be sitting in the car you should go in for the car with the max interior space which among your list is the WagonR.

Answer by Rohit 06 June 2010

all petrol version of new cars does not give mileage and it`s impossible to get a diesel for 3,. well for 300 a month petrl is polaced btr than diesel. spark would be btr with 3 yrs free maintenance. wagon r is also a good option.

Answer by Sooraj 06 June 2010

It is best to buy an ALTO it costs only 3.35L which is a top model with four power windows , power steering , A.C , Leather Seats.

Answer by Pradeep 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

In the budget range and preferences mentioned, New wagon R would be the best selection for its power,improved interiors space, stretched exteriors.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

New Wagon R though looks good is underpowered . Your best option is Zen Estello - It looks good and since it is smaller than the WagonR the power is adequate . Sparc has good interiors and vfm but is a small car - thx Harish

Answer by Harish 06 June 2010

In your budget the Spark is the best car coming with good interiors, ride quality and service. The other is Zen Estillo which is also good. All cars in your budget range are anyway for 4 people, even new cars dont have much room accept for a Getz or Uva models.

Answer by Sayeed 06 June 2010

Boss.. I Had owned WagonR, Alto, Santro in the past... Even I purchased 2 Santro Cars... Out of 3 cars I prefer to go for only & only SANTRO.. People say the Korean cars are costly to maintain, But this is not true... It is upon us how we handle our vehicle... WagonR is really a worst choice as d new model looks very very ugly ambulance... I respect Alto, but this car is meant for low height people or ladies.. & it doesn't mean any sense If u spend 3K on this car..
If you can increase your budget then also look for I10 Era.. I think still Santro makes a real good choice.... Do tell me your final decision

Answer by Vijay 06 June 2010
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