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Mr. Shiva if u can inform me on Aveo CNG version car. Hows the performance of the car with CNG.As per the company they have fitted latest multipoint sequential CNG kit which is like petrol multipoint with more FE. kindly advise.Also if it would be worth buying considering economy.As am also considering diesel option.
By Varinder Singh 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

Performance of AVeo with company fitted CNG kit is good .However to select one between CNG version and diesel version car, diesel version car would be a better selection for its long distance usage, reliability and fuel efficiency.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

The company claiming that that valve/head problem will not occur in Aveo CNG since they have hardened specially for the CNG usage. I have driven the car and u cant feel the difference from a petrol version. The company claiming actual running average around 14-15 with CNG.Seeing the future the diesel prices may go up further the CNG may be a good option when it comes to savings.Please give ur views on the same?

Answer by Varinder Singh 06 June 2010

Shivanna, Namaskaara, Hege iddeeri?

Varinder dear, One of my friends is having an after market LPG kit fitment agency and he insists that I have to get a multi sequential LPG kit fitted on to my Lancer. This kit has a separate ECM and that ECM takes care of the fuel supply to the engine instead of the original ECM and the engine failure light won't blink and the car won't get the jerk when switched over from Petrol to LPG. He also says the fuel economy would be at par with petrol i.e if 1 lt of petrol gives 16KMPL, 1 lt of LPG will also give 16 KMPL. But the kit with accessories will cost Rs 35,000/= and I seek the feedback from the people who have installed the multi point sequential LPG/CNG kit, so that I can take a decision to install the same. can you please enlighten me on this subject?

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010

Aveo with multipoint sequential cng kit (fitted by rahul auto)offers petrol like driving experience.I took the test drive of the vehicle for almost 10-15 km and the power seems no lag even in the first gear and running was great.Infact fuel economy as claimed by the company is 18kmpl but the rep. said should be around 14knpl actual, still over 3-4 km compare to the petrol version.It has separate ECM so no jerk even if u change over fuel while the car is running and i tried this.The cost is around 60000-70000 and may be less if u get it fitted individually but I doubt if its as low as 35000 and also it doesnt require regular tuning as ion ordinary kit but should be fitted by an expert. U have to be careful of the genuine parts.Am still exploring the car and waiting for some reviews from the owners and experts.

Answer by Varinder Singh 06 June 2010

yes. Price can be negotiated and brought down to 35k, as the dealer gets hefty profit. If one doesn't bargain, I am sure they will charge you the MRP which is in the region of 52k - 55 k.

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010

Vishoo would CNG gives more mileage than what u get in petrol. My friend has petrol santro in mumbai and he gets 14-15 while in petrol around 9-10.

Answer by Varinder Singh 06 June 2010


In my place we do not have CNG re filling stations but have LPG re filling pumps. So I do not have any idea . The multipoint sequential kit that I mentioned earlier works with LPG as well as CNG, but for CNG storage, they need a different bulky tank, while that of LPG is much compact in comparison. The MRP of the multipoint sequentitial kit including tank and other accessories is about 35k and it was offered to me at 23k, as my car is already fitted with LPG kit and tank, and many of the components need not be removed and replaced. The ECM is programmed online by the manufacturers (in this case a foreign company) and the best programme is selected and installed in the ECM depending on the model and capacity of the car engine.
Yes., the LPG gives same amount of milage which the petrol provides. i.e: if a liter of petrol covers 16 KMs, a liter of LPG also covers the same distance.
one more thing that I was informed is 1 k.g of LPG is equivqlent to 1.5 ltrs of LPG. (for example the house hold LPG pf 14.2 is equivalent to 22 Lts of LPG) Thats what I was told. but am not so sure of it. Any way you can ask the real experts in this regard. I just told you the basic info that was provided to me.

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010

CNG kit is always expensive to LPG kit.If u bargain 35000 for LPG multipoint sequential , CNG multipoint sequential wiil be more around 50000

Answer by Varinder Singh 06 June 2010

may be you are right varinder as I do not have much info about CNG kit. Anyway, if you like I will ask my friend to let me know about the CNG kit prices bcoz his pricipal company deals with CNG kits also.

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010
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