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I have purchased a Maruti Alto LXI on March 2010, taken one service. Only I done is filling petrol and riding, Please suggest me anything I have to check up do it. I have very less knowledge about filling water, oil anything ? Please give me your valuable suggestion. Thanks N Regards.
By K A Ashokkumar 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

Things which needs attention include. Open the bonnet and check the battery level. If the indicator in battery shows green colour then its is charged. Check the coolent level in auxiliary tank.The level should be between min and max.If its less than min level it means that there is leakeage of coolent and needs to be checked. Never openthe valve provided for radiator.Generally therewill be warning saying "do not open when hot". The wiper tank can be filled with clean waterwhenever empty. Oil level can be checked by taking out dipstick,wipe it then reinsert he same and removeIf oil level is uo to second hole or level as indicated in dipstick ,it means that the oil level is ok and no leakage is there .If its below lower mark or above upper means there is probem of leakage and higher than limit indicates improper circulation or petrol mixing with oil.
Please go through the owners manual completely.For schedules of repairs.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010


Follow instructions what shiva had explained and most important is look into car's manual, there you can find many features and trouble shoting of your car, don't water etc., only diesel vehicles need water that too old type vehicles, all new vehicles required coolant which engine cooling and engine oil for smooth running, battery condition these are basic prerequisites.

Answer by S Joshi 06 June 2010
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