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I want to buy a sedan with budget approx 9 lacs. I want to know which is best for my usage of weekly 100 kms in bangalore city and around 200 kns (weekend triops on highways), total 300 km per week. I have to choose between SX 4 Zxi, Fiat Lenia Emotion MJD 1.3 and Honday city E. Also i am getting an old SX 4 Vxi 2008 model with 32000 kms running at 5 lacs in Banglaore. Is it a good buy which can save my initial investment by 4 lacs? Kindly help me to choose.
By Rahul Ligade 06 June 2010

Dear Rahul

If you can always go in fir a Brand new vechiel.
Secon hand is always a second Hand car.

From the three shortlisted cars
Honda will keep you happy in all possible aspects looks contemprary/ good brand inmage/ excellent engine/ good mileage/ interioe fit and finish quality up to the mark.

SX4 with new engine is also very good but city little better in terms of engine Fit and Finish bur SX$ has little more features.

If you take decision from your heart Lines is the car to be driven out of a showroom. Its for young at heart, the Diesel engine has sufficient go ( though turbo Lag is frustrating in city some times) but you start to live with it in time.
Its interiors are as spacious if not more the the preious two nad it looks the best of all cars this side of Jaguars Aston martin of our world.

If you like to drive LInea is the one as its reide nad handling combo is hard to beat.

Answer by Jalaj 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

For the requirments mentioned, Maruti Suzuki SX4 is a good choice for its spacios interiors,power and srvice. Also the offer you have got seems to be genuine and you can go ahead with the same if car is in good condition.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

I believe in investing in a new car only when you are
1. Superstitious
2. Gonna use the car for atleast 5 years
3. Gonna drive the car for atleast 1 lakh kms
4. If money is not a constraint

If you don't meet the above, you will be buying a car after spending around 9-10 lakhs using it for a year or two and selling it at max 4.5 -5 lakhs. Which for me is not wise.

For you if, you interested in new car, Honda City is the best followed by SX4 and Linea. Resale value will also be in the same order.

If I was at your place, I would have opted for the used SX4 you mentioned. You straight away save atleast 4 lakhs. Bargain hard, I am not sure about used cars prices in Bangalore, but here in Pune it would have made max 4.5 to 4.7 lakhs. Even 5 is not bad.

Answer by Abhijit 06 June 2010

For Petrol Honda is Number 1 in world.
If u are getting SX4 old in a very good condition then you can go for it also.
In resale Honda and Maruti are best.

Answer by Chirag Chhabra 06 June 2010

Handa city car is an all rounder but 300 km`s in a week linea diesel would be much btr.. SX4 is not up to the mark.. it feels underpowerd, it is not but feels so. Linea is lesser in power but in a diesel engine it`s not power that counts it`s torque.. go for linea.. btr mileage, stunningly pretty and cheaper.

Answer by Sooraj 06 June 2010

Shiva is right. Looking at all your requirements, SX4 suits you fine. Even 2nd if checked by mech is a good buy.
In the honda range only the city has good resale. The 2nd civic sells for less than the sx4. So ignore all the comments about honda. Ask a civic owner what he undergoes during maintenance.
Linea is having problems with parts. Same engine you can get in desire, but linea is better looking, so is Tata Manza. The booth space is so big, that you can go to sleep in it. Why dont you also evaluate the Xylo? Very comfortable and superb value for money and diesel. Take a trial.

Answer by Madjack 06 June 2010


If u r making a decision of Used car, then u can put little more efforts & for another 75000+ u can get a mint conditioned Skoda Octavia 1.9TDi itself as my friend has got one for 4.5L, it's like a flight..

U will get a good milage of around 18+ on Highway, 12+ in city with AC, spacious & reliable car ever...

Answer by Swapnil Natu 06 June 2010

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Answer by Gulsaidd 06 June 2010

if you realy zeroed on SX4 try to get a ZXi variant.
IMO diff in price for used VXI / ZXI woun't be much, but in ZXi you will get alloys,ABS and dual airbags..
and for this category these fetures are must..

Answer by Vishal 06 June 2010
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