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Hi, I am planing to buy a car within 5.5lacs maximum. Is it worth waiting to Micra from Nissan or should i go ahead with either i20 or swift k series. Pls help to decide. Thanks.
By Amit 06 June 2010

You need not to wait any further.Nissan MICRA has been launched n bookings are on Definately better than i20 and cheaper than swift k series .Starts from 3.5 to 4.5

Answer by Vinay 06 June 2010

I am assuming you are interested in petrol car, as you have mentioned k series.
1. Swift : At present the most common car in INDIA, but even after new hatchback from Ford and VW, suzuki K series engine rules.
2. i20 : Underpowered as compared to the amount spent.
3. Nissan : Wait and watch, but I think it would be worth to wait and have a look. But servicing will certainly be on the higher end as compared to Swift and i20.
4. Polo : The car that's making headlines these days. It wins on all front expect engine too K series. Petrol engine is not as powerful as K series.
5. Figo : Value for money but even it lags in power.

If power is not what you are looking for , go for Polo or Figo or else compromise on space and common used and go for Swift.

Answer by Abhijit 06 June 2010

Hi Amit,
Straight away you can goahead for Nissan Micra, It is a proven car. Even Base model is coming with Driver Airbag. But you can opt for middle variant. Nissan auto technology is fantastic and it is admired worldwide for its reliability. Top end variant is with ABS,Airbags, Engine Start Stop (Unique feature),keyless entry and many more features with vibrant colours.

Answer by Parag 06 June 2010


Any how this year is almost half over, if u go with any existing model, after 6 months people will consider it as 2010 model only, also as u might be aware, all cars prices have been increased so that pain would also remain somewhere that i have paid more than someone else who bought it b4 budget,so with Micra that won't be there even if it's costly compared to existing any model.

I have seen the pics of Nissan Micra & it's really attractive.

I would suggest u plz think abt it as it's a hot cake now..

Answer by Swapnil Natu 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

Bookings have started for Nissan Micra. You can take a test drive and decide.Meanwhile check the review on the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

hi,i suggest u to purchase swift vdi model.pickup is amazing,suspension is fantastic,engine is refined, interior plastic quality is good,steering is vey lovely u can take sharp turns in bizy roads,a/c is very chilled,service centres r available all over india and villages too.mileage is 23-24.maintenance is less.resale value is good.and maruti is NUMBER-1 in resale value.customer care is very good in service,hyderabad varun maotors{MALAKPET) gives GOOD RESPONSE FOR ME EVERY TIME,ALL AT DOOR STEP DELIVERY ,I LIKE THE SERVICE AND I ADVICE ITS SERVICE ARE TRUSTWORTHY.I OWN SWIFTDZIRE-VDI.

Answer by Bondaudi007 06 June 2010


Answer by BOND 06 June 2010

Thanks everybody, but i am looking for petrol car as my daily run is hardly 15kms in city.

Answer by Sonal 06 June 2010


Don't go for Micra it is not so great vehicle either lookwise or pricewise. Basic model which carriers a price tag of around 5 lacs does'nt have additional features except power stirring. Go for Swift or i-20 which are proven performers.

Answer by S Joshi 06 June 2010

just a correction basic model comes with power stirring with air bag.

Answer by S Joshi 06 June 2010

i want to purchase a car in the budget of 3.5lacs to 6lacs
which car is best to buy...........

Answer by Prakhar 01 January 2011
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