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suggestion about innova, xylo
By Kumar 06 June 2010

There's nothing much to choose between Xylo and Innova. Both are excellent cars technically. I would suggest go for Innova just for decent exterior and interior and highly proven performance.

Answer by Abhijit 06 June 2010

No other word go for Innova.Its excellent allrounder.It costs more than Xylo.Innova has more riding comfort,travelling comfort,Braking,low cost maintenance and excellent styling than Xylo.But Xylo is little more performer than innova and also it is of more cost.Xylo's braking is scarying ang very unstandard.

Answer by Rijas 06 June 2010

at least take the pains to frame your question properly. dont you have a budget? otherwise buy the mercedes van. Nothing to beat it except money.

Answer by Madjack 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

Though performance of both are good, The price of Innova is much higher compared to what it offers. Mahindra Xylo would be a value for the money choice.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

both are good

Answer by Mohan 06 June 2010

Go for XYLO & XYLO only.............

Answer by RAJEEV GOYAL 06 June 2010

Xylo & Innova cannot be compared at all, Innova is MPV whereas Xylo is like a SUV, and for comfort and boot space,road grip Innova is good whereas for modern look,ac and interiorwise Xylo is good.

Answer by S Joshi 06 June 2010

Go for innova after 1ooooo km more maintance work r ter when compared to initial invest more money ur best choice is innova high refined engine and low maintance I own both and my

Answer by Sree 10 October 2013

Innova is good for the interiors and look wise.
Xylo is good for the comfort inner space for a big family.
Performancewise both are same.

Answer by Prasad.S.R.R. 10 October 2013
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