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Are TATA cars really problematic.Is this for majority of cars or may be few one(those old vey first indica and indigos.I have heard serious functions problems and engine problems and lacking customer service making warranty useless.Tata users kindly share ur experience good/bad.kindly share
By Yadav 06 June 2010

I agree with all of you above aout the tata problem you face. I also have Indica 2006 Model, I always fae the problem of belt weather its A/C belt or altenator.

The main problem is this. I have given to Tata service centre for this problem they have change the entire thing Pully, belt, even they have change the timing belt but after 2 days i again face the same problem. So the main problem is with tata is they dont check their product at their end before launchingit they check on public. then they recitfy the problem and change the engine name and again relaunch.

So its better to go with Maruti or Hyundai for disel car the rate is high but atleast they have a nice product.

Answer by Himanshu 06 June 2010

Dear Varinder,
why do u think so...?
TATA have pan india service network.
there is some problem intially and it can happens to any other manufacturar also.
and you not buying the old one.
and now new models like Vista and manza are very good cars in there segments with good enging,more space,new interiors,good mileage,good service back up,low maintaince cost,and at lower price tags compare to other competetors.

Answer by Rahul 06 June 2010

hey Rahul thanks for the reply.Even am confused between MANZA and other manufacturer.The car gave me great pleasure while taking the test drive. But when i see the research online/ in person with owners I see quite lot of complains against TATA products then any other brand. please refer "".The complain range from the very first car/latest indigo and also few for MANZA.Also every thing seems good in MANZA , good engine from fiat but other parts may be issue since manufactured by TATA.So have delayed my decision to buy MANZA for few months to take a view on the same.

Answer by Varinder Singh 06 June 2010

Everything negative you have heard, you have heard for a reason. Just because a car looks good, doesn't mean it will perform well over a course of time. Which company in India has provided great customer service to its customers? Certainly not the one being discussed here. Old habits die hard. Reputation of brands should not matter when it comes to treating people properly. Good thing is that you have plenty of choice without taking a chance on a company whose cars catch fire and it has taken the company months to say they will give a free "check up"!!!

Answer by B S Kumar 06 June 2010

I had an Indigo...bought it new....Looked impressive...drove ok to start with...but then things started going wrong after 10 days of use...first the ac failed,then the clutch, then the shocks, then the ac again....the car leaked too the first season! I got rid of it at the end of the second year! the fact is TATA keeps the pricing low...but the cost of ownership is too high!

Answer by Carl 06 June 2010

Buddy...most people who have responded to you are not TATA owners.
We have recently purchased our 4th TATA car. It is an Indica Vista Safire Aura version. It is an excellent car. Great mileage, panel lines are consistent, build is great.
We also have an Indica DLS (2004 mod, 150000 kms already) and my engine is still not overhauled, gives me a mileage of 20 consistently.
All you do is follow the maintenance schedule and READ the MANUAL
We also had a Safari (sold recently) and a Indigo (major crash, car written off but everyone safe).
Remember, TATA is the only company to have its own world class crash test facility and all tata cars exceed Indian norms and are equal to european norms for safety.
Now you decide if you want to go for an crash unsafe Maruti/Hyundai or a Tata....

Answer by Nikhil 06 June 2010

I am having Indigo Marina since Dec. 2004. I am more than satisfied with the performance of my car. I changed my 1st battery after 100000Kms. Till date i am not getting any plm. I get do my car service after every 5000/6000Kms.When i purchased this car at that time Tata had no major technology ( except developed by themself) now they are having Fiat Engines, gearbox and Jaguar- Land Rover R & D Centre. Before Nano no Car manufacturer was thinking for the cheaper car can be made, but courage of the only Tata, it becomes true, who are only 10 years old in this segment. Now every car manufacturer is looking for cheaper car (even 75-80 years old manufacturer). At last Tata is delivering Value for money and great satisfaction of a true Indian.

Answer by Vinay Aggarwal 06 June 2010

A person I know has owned a Tata indica petrol version for the last four years.He uses the vehicle extensively.The vehicle is still performing very satisfactorily.So,judge for yourself.We, Indians,derive pleasure in deriding anything that is locally made.

Answer by Robin 06 June 2010

I purchased Vista Quadrajet in the month of Feb. 2010, I specially purchased the car for rough use, as because I purchased Verna SX the top mobel in Deisel version, its a very good car so far I have driven. To keep my Verna SX safe, I purchased Vista Quadrajet & used the said car very roughly, even using roughly nothing happened to the said car. Now I start loving Vista Quadrajet, the pick-up is very good, with good AC response, with good Brakes, I have driven more than 11 thousand KM. the only problem I faced was some kind knocking sound from the dashbord, I went to the dealer, they solved the problem instantly, still using the car roughly but there is no problem with the car so far so good, rather there's a pin drop silent inside the cabin, as per the milage is concerned, it gives 18KM with AC in city & 20KM in highway with AC. Vista is rich in features & comfort with low Price Tag. In my opinion vista Quadrajet is better than Maruti Swift VDI, if U liked Manza, Blindly go for it. Manza is very good car, with low Price Tag.

Answer by Jagjit Singh 06 June 2010

Great views any am happy Mr jagjit on ur car.The Quad engine is great in vista and have test drive Manza Quad and its nice too and also manza is in my list of my next car.I know a Vista saffire owner whose engine fell off the car due to faulty defective fitting which can't be understand in any sense.k my question is why tata has more defects in their car than any other manufacturer and am also saying that not all their cars are defective but more when compared with other manufacturers and major defects like in engine/clutch etc.

Answer by Varinder Singh 06 June 2010

i am totally fully agree wid vinay and nikhil.....
tata cars is very solid and safe....
in abroad so many peoples like the tata products like safari , indica , xenon , nano and so many more...
tata sold the products in thailand ,hongkong and so many countries....
i am so much proud of tata group...
rajan tata just trying to everthing...
upcoming highed mpv is coming tha name is aria...
this1 is the best car....
tata is planning to launch a tata's new car name is prima...

Answer by Tushar Chhabra 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

With the experience of working with Tata motors many dealerships I can tell that Tata Indica build quality is great .Overall performance of Indica Diesel and petrol version is good. I have also worked in Tata Motors body shop where I have come accross a fatal accident Indica, the owner was so proud of the vehicle. He and his fellow passengers could only sustain minor injuries even in worst case of accident where body damaged all over. Offcource there are some issues with malfunctioning of parts like EGR valve in earlier model Indica diesel and AC control knobs etc which was rectified under warranty free of cost. Problems are not limited to Tata Indica Car even Maruti Suzuki cars, Hyundai cars have problems which nees thorough inspection for finding out actual trouble.

To give one more example, I had taken Maruti 800 to Maruti authorised service center where They charged Rs App 500 for Paid service, 120 for rear brakes cleaning, 120 for front brake cleaning. In actual schedule paid service include brake cleaning. Also what they do in front beake cleaning remove the calipe rbolt, rub the brake pad refix it and put caliper bolt. In rear brake cleaning, just remove rear brake drum and cleanwith compressed air and refixthe drum. I know because I was at the car when things were done.At end of the day at around 7pm they gave the bill and i was surprised to see the labour bill raised for brake cleaning.The executive says its Maruti Suzuki format for billing for all. I did't take the matter further as I was busy with other things. Main thing is the service quality which was very good and Now one negetive point can not make the whole service bad.Here customer awareness also matters. I have worked for maruti service center for more than 2 years. I have experienced this even with background of more than 2 years actual working at maruti service center.

Now the point here is what about the other customers who dont know about technicality of vehicle and end up paying extra amount for services

In overall problems are part and parcel of vehicles but the main thing is the safety features,overall performance of engine and other parts, customer service wether they could provide the perfect solution at minimum cost and dliver the vehicle in time or not and above all maintaining transperency of service.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

there is an old saying where there is growth critisism follows.i being a tata user for the past 11 yrs and my safari being my 10th tata including indica 1999 to safari 2009 hve driven lacs of kms on tata vehicles i have not faced any problems .i just get my vehicles seviced on time .and its really funny and interesting to hear stories of engines falling off vehicles .can any sensible person explain that ,how did the engine start if it was not fixed properly and how come the said car owner didnt hear any unusual sound of engine if it was not fixed properly as quoted by our friend and why didnt the owner of the said car not respond and took the vehicle to the workshop if he heard some unusual sound ?coz its unbeliveble .these are mere stories cooked by people to defame our indian car company which has started to grow like anything .i just ask a simple question is it possible to maintain a regular sales figure if the cars made by tata are so bad? are lacs of people fools to invest money on such cars inspite of such fierce competiton in the market.i do not claim that tatas build the best cars but they build value for money cars.

Answer by Rajiv 06 June 2010

I am an owner of Tata Indigo Marina since 4 years (May-2006)and run 35 thousand Kms, regularly serviced on every 5000 Kms. Initially I had to pay for repairs of gear box costing 4000. After which its trouble free and dependable. Its cheaper to maintain and proudly Indian made, so I take pride driving our own product. I will certainly rep;ce with another Tata car.

Answer by Pirebhuoo 06 June 2010

Rajiv dear,

Very good answer indeed!!!

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010

Great! More responses and sharing will add to the knowledge and remove any misunderstanding regarding the brands. Keep it up guys.More ever RAJIV the falling of engine is a fact( and I have spoken to the owner of the car in this regard.The incidence happened due to defective fixing by TATA in a new Vista. According to the owner it happened all of sudden. The defect is fixed and he is now happy with the car.

Answer by Varinder Singh 06 June 2010

Just was going Tata vista reviews on Out of 54 reviews I would say 70% of the owners have problems with there cars and of of 70% 40-50% have more than 3-4 issues and all mostly manufacturing issues.Rest 30% of satisfied owners, 70-80% claim is "value for money". what one can interpret out of this.anybody can visit the site on and verify the fact.

Answer by Varinder Singh 06 June 2010

Seeing allot of expert people comment with due regard to all i would say Tata is producing world class car.Their expert is not lesser then any car manufacture of world.
We shold be proud to have Tata with Indian who supply their vehicle all over world.

Answer by Rama Shanker 06 June 2010

i have a tata indigo ls....i bought the car 2nd hand and intially the car performed well....but now it keeps running to the service station...the car's fuel pump is leaking and the steering wheel is giving a screechy sound.....prerana motors have quoted me 25k for the service....
Am really planning to sell the vehicle...because disappointed wd its performance...

Answer by Maanavjs 05 May 2011

2009 model indica vista Quadrajet
New amron battery
New tyres just 4000 kms old
Single hand driven
Very well maintained
Ist owner
Zero problem in car
78400 kms
Only reason for

Answer by Amandeep Sharma 08 August 2017
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