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hi,just few days back, i have bought a new swift vdi diesel car. i just want to know whether i should put sun flim in my rear mirror though my car's rear mirror is an day/night rear view mirror.. so whether can i put sun flim in rear mirror or not ??
By Babuji 06 June 2010

Yes u can...........M.J.

Answer by MANU JOSHI 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

You can fix sun film to all windows except front wind shield.If dezired lable of sun film can be put on upper portion of front W/S.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

you can fix film on all window and and the rear provided they are according to norms directions by the apex court of india.permitted visibility on side windows is 50% whereas rear is 70% .but u can fix an ice cool for your front glass also..

Answer by Srikanth 06 June 2010

Yes indeed U can fix film as per norm, its will enhance the look, specially in Swift VDI, cause Swift VDI comes with Black pillars{Black Pillars are provided by Maruti (MUL) in Swift VDI}, both the black glass with black pillars gives very good look specilly in Swift VDI also the cooling effect of AC becomes batter as because the Film repalls some percent of heat caused by sun.

Answer by Jagjit Singh 06 June 2010
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