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i am in Trivandrum. I am planning to buy Tata Manza quadrajet. Now only BS3 models are coming here although they have started manufacturing BS4 models. I will have to order and wait for 3 to 4 weeks for a BS4 model. Is it worth waiting for that or can I go ahead to purchase bs3 version.
By Tom 06 June 2010

Anyway its only a 4 week then you could wait for BS4 model..

Answer by Saminraj 06 June 2010

Its not sure the Manza with norms IV will be Delivered within 4 weeks, it may take more than 4 week, cause the demand of the said car is very high, on the other hand I have driven Manza car in both the norms i.e (norms 111 & norms 1V), the performance is equally same in both the norms. In my suggestion opt for Manza in norms-111, cause the driving Performance is all the same & the price is also less, use the save money for Insurance or Registration. Manza with norms-111 is very good car. (GOOD LUCK)

Answer by Jagjit Singh 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

It will be worth waiting for a month to get BS IV norms versions car.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

once you buy a car then you need to worry only when u r paying tax 15 yrs later or u r shifting state.. if you are planning to stay here well buy III, but mind you latest always helps btr sales value..

Answer by Sooraj 06 June 2010

btw i am also in here.. horrible place is it not?

Answer by Sooraj 06 June 2010

btw i am also here in TVM.. horrible place is it not? :-P

Answer by Sooraj 06 June 2010

dear friend,it may cost less for BS III but at time u want to sell this vehicle,u will not get resale value at all.its always good to go for BS IV vehicle futre also it will benefit you....

Answer by Sam 06 June 2010

dear friend,
please rethink about it, I have very bad experiance with Tata Car Indigo, The car they make for Taxi only ,not personel use, It is not worth for you, please go for other vehicle

Answer by Vinay 06 June 2010

yes thats true that indigos are used as taxis in many metros but to survive in the taxi bussiness the car has to be tough and rugged bcoz its driven by different drivers who have different driving habbits and they dont care a damm about the cars except their own pockets and profits,and nobody will go for a car if it eats out the taxi ownwers profit .in today's competetitive market nobody hires even a taxi which is not maintained and squkking ,just a matter of many options available ,gone are the days of yellow black ambys which one had to hire coz no other option was available,you can easily find camrys and crv s in taxi bussiness available at any travel agent ,secondally the car TOM is asking about is indigo manza which is the third generation of indigos and ive seen the manza's only in personal use,rest Tom has to decide as to which version of manza he has to buy bs111 or bs 4.

Answer by Rajiv 06 June 2010

I think BS4 would be better as claimed by the company in terms of gear shift, mileage share ur ownership experience after u buy the car.

Answer by Varinder Singh 06 June 2010

Thanks to all those who have responded for the advises, suggestions, comments. After going through all your advises I think I will wait for BSIV version.

Answer by Tom 06 June 2010

BS4 is already out.

Answer by Varinder Singh 06 June 2010
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