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Help required to suggest a 1994 to 2000 model of TATA ESTATE, I would like to buy one. I have been using the data base here on this website under the used cars but its very difficult to find anything in the DELHI-NCR region, I am also ok for any Rajasthan,Haryana or U.P. registered Tata Estate. Your help is much appriciated
By Sundesh 06 June 2010

Sorry, I forgot to mention Tata Estate budget, which is between 45K to 65K.

Answer by Sundesh 06 June 2010

Hi Mr.Sundaresh,

Very very difficult task, Tata Estate is not at all seen on roads now a days and as per my knowledge the last model of Tata Estate was 1996-97 model and wonder whether 2000 model is available, you need to search owners of Tata Estate and no second hand car dealers are having Tata Estate and may be a very few Dealers might be having above car that too very small numbers. In short very difficult to get Tata Estate. Price range is Ok. You can check with either personal id of shiva or pcrao in pune

Answer by S Joshi 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

Please use search option for the same.Also recommended to check out other make and models like Esteem which would be easier to maintain and also can get satisfactory performance.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

no it is not at all difficult task to find the vehicle ,you can easily get good running condition estate in delhi or gurgoan .you can contact metro motors in ambala .if you still have a problem finding one ,contact me ill help u find one

Answer by Rajiv 06 June 2010

People who talk big sitting in the comfort of their homes find the simplest task very difficult and expect others to idolise and follow them ,and if you dont they start commenting agaist you and go on and on and on bcoz they can only talk big .boss you can get very good tata estate in chandigarh weekly car bazar on madhya marg on sundays that too atthrowaway price.

Answer by Pauli 06 June 2010

Hi all , thanks for your replies,

"you can get very good tata estate in chandigarh weekly car bazar on madhya marg on sundays that too atthrowaway price."(by Pauli)

Pauli I googled the dealers on the Madhya Marg and called some of them and they didn't had any clue for the Tata Estate ( they were like confused when I said Tata Estate and one of then was actually sataed talking about Honda-Esteems-Scorpios etc) :(
I think I would give a try to metro motors in ambala as suggested by Rajiv, need to try my luck but please don't hesitate to give more directions and suggestions, all is welcome, Thanks for your replies buddies

Answer by Sundesh 06 June 2010

Hi Sundesh,

Have u got your Estate? all my friends are very helpful in buying your loved one, have you successful in getting your Estate? Not heard anything from you. In my opinion it is difficult task, thats what I mean it!

Answer by S Joshi 06 June 2010

No luck yet , couldn't find any .....only hope is from you guys

Answer by Sundesh 06 June 2010


I saw a tata estate in one of my friends garage. Don't know much of the details, the condition or any other things about the vehicle.. but in my view, it is a reasonably well maintained vehicle. you can contact Mr Ravi whose mobile number is 0-9008174686, and ask about the details. Specify that kamath has given you his number. lets hope everything will go in your favour.

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010
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