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Need to know which is the best diesel sedan car for India at the range between Rs 5 - 7 lac. Best for me is the mileage, maintenance & resale value. Preferences of buying is Ford Fiesta, Maruti Swift Desire, Tata Indigo Mazda, etc Welcome comments from subscriber. Thanks & regards
By Piyush 06 June 2010

try verna

Answer by Sooraj 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

In the range mentioned Indigo Manza would be the right selection for its utility,reliability,style.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

I would go for Maruti Desire for its Mileage,Low Maintainance cost,Reliabilty & Resale.

Answer by Muthu 06 June 2010

yew go for indigo manza not mazda...
mazda is very high pro...
manza is good car...

Answer by Tushar Chhabra 06 June 2010

According to your budget the best Deisel Engine should be (1.3L) by Fiat Itly. A good Seden in Deidel yersion, in my opnion should be Manza on the other hand Feista can also be considered.

Answer by Jagjit Singh 06 June 2010

by my view indigo cs is much better than manza,desire or fiesta.cos its AC is much effective as compare to desire desire looks good but inner interiors r very poor v poor AC too,for the purpose os resale indigo cs will give u more fruit, spareparts r too cheaper.but it has only 1 problem that is its pick up is slow.

Answer by Rohit 06 June 2010

Go in for Maruti Swift Dzire which is a better car than Manza, Ikon,Accent and Logan

Answer by Vijayakumarpn 06 June 2010

resale value ,good pickup ,reliable ,best serive network ia swift dezire.fresh looks ,good engine gear tuning ,additonal features of upprsegment cars is indigo manza .decent pickup ,good milage ,not so good resale ,costilier spares fiesta.

Answer by Rajiv 06 June 2010


Answer by A V PATIL 06 June 2010

swift dezire.Dont knw the reason for rush behind it.No great pick up, no great interiors, bad exterior design. So is it just the maruti name or follow the herd attitude.

Answer by Varinder Singh 06 June 2010


Manza Extremely neutral family sedan. Well rounded 6 - 7 lakh rupee car. Fuel-efficient 1.3 diesel engine. Nice gearbox too.Interior fit & finish still have room for improvement. Below average in some areas, they need to improve in Fit and Finish and the major thing which u're asking about, Inconsistent after-sales network... Resalee value in these cars in dezire only...

Answer by Ashish 04 April 2011

Nissan Micra diesel is te best in average n maintainance..

Answer by Tejas Shah 04 April 2011

i think u just give a try mahindra's verito, its cost effientlow maintainance and an execellent car.

Answer by Raymond 06 June 2011

Rs 5 - 7 lac, mileage, maintenance & resale value
Nothing to think, go for DZire

Answer by Bipin 09 September 2013

last conclusion is dzire vdi is the best... if it is diesel there are maintenance its upon you... dzire gives the best service than others.

Answer by Rideep 09 September 2013

my opienions are suzuki sx4 diesel

Answer by Sameer Chemmad 07 July 2011

MANZA....ya guy its really big hearted car

Answer by Harshal 07 July 2011

go for new verna fluidic its a awesome car,with lots of space and sexy design too and with lots of new features in it which are present in only rs 15 lakhs+ car.value for money...

Answer by Saif 08 August 2011

With the preference for diesel cars on the rise, your query is justified. I believe a small diesel might just do the job better than the others. A case in point is the new Chevy Beat Diesel. It is whisper silent in the city and only makes a muted sound on the highways. The suspension is probably the best for a small car. The mileage is superb too. What more can we ask for. Price is within your range.

Answer by Microman 08 August 2011

Other the verna fludic all cars are good to use i took one verna after 4 months wait and very unhappy with has only look every thing bad....for Indian or European engines verna fludic is waste ...

Answer by Naveen 09 September 2011

Best diesel car available in india is TATA MANZA ELAN

Answer by VARGHESE 10 October 2011

Guys , pls do not go for swift/dzire.They take too long to deliver..Which makes many of the ppl to opt for other cars. I wanted to buy new swift..after hearing the delivery period, i quit.I went for ford figo.. it is wonderfull car..Try it to believe it.. Ask your friends who own them

Answer by Murali 11 November 2011

The FIAT Punto is a hatchback with the size and features of a sedan. For your price you can get a superb Italian car with awesome looks and a great engine. Just go for the Punto diesel and you wonr regret it. All other cars mentioned like Manza and Dzire use FIAT's engine itself...So you might as well image how good FIAT's cars are! Just take a test drive of Punto and then decide..

Answer by Ravishankar S 11 November 2011


your ac may have a problem. pls sit in my car dzire ac is the best i have ZDI model.

dzire has a peppy pick up

manza a/c take longer time to cool because the car cabin is large compare to dzire. plastic quality is poor in manza. and for sure the resale value will never be better than dzire. manza diesel pump will cost 32000 where as dzire pump if it fails will cost around 25 thousand

Answer by Ajay Rath 11 November 2011

Mahindra verito is an excelant car and you can try it once. Smooth gears, v.good mileage, low maintenance, confortable long drive. True value for money.

Answer by Dhayalan 11 November 2011

Dear Dhayalan

your suggestion for Mahindra Vertio -- can you pl inform the milage and maint. exp for this car say D-4.


Answer by Idbhatt 11 November 2011

Volks Wagen Polo is the best

Answer by Ulrika 12 December 2011

go for hyundai verna,or maruti swift dzire,or volkswagen vento.

Answer by Boyetjohn 12 December 2011

Undoubtedly the tata indigo manza is the clear winner.

Answer by Ankush 01 January 2012

lol dezire better looking car.Its a joke.

Answer by Varinder 01 January 2012

i think mercedes c class is the best.ha ha its a joke.

Answer by Vikrant Deshmukh 01 January 2012

If u want better fuel economy and less maintianence cost go for manza with good power 9o bhp
but no resale value but comfort is good i think its better go for dezire thats better option for ur budget

Answer by Sajin K S 01 January 2012

Never Buy a TATA car as the Spare parts are costly, Mileage is poor and very unreliable and uncomfortable vehicle to drive... I have tried 2 TATAs before...
Ford fiesta classic is an ageing model and again going to prove high on maintenance although its a reliable and fun car to drive...
The new Dzire seems to be most promising of this lot and will definitely have a great resale value compared to any Tata or Ford...

Answer by Gaurav 01 January 2012

GOOD SEE A LOT OF EXPERT COMMENTS! However, most as i saw are common people having only knowledge of proven cars or most popular cars! Why only TATA or MARUTI.....

Haven't anyone heard of TOYOTA OR NISSAN for its Japanese class!!!!? Surprising!!!

Checkout for these too also....then decide by your self.
1. Nissan Sunny (Diesel variant)
2. Toyota Etios (Diesel---to be launched)

Answer by TechOMech 01 January 2012

lookwise sx4 but manza will be more affordable

Answer by Ammu 01 January 2012

Why don't U test drive EON Sportz and save Rs 2L and enjoy driving!

Answer by Jagjit AV 02 February 2012

how is the look of new DEZIRE????

is it good?

Answer by Biju 02 February 2012

Nissan suny XL

Answer by Shekhar Gogia 08 August 2012

Go for Toyota Etios Or choose from these TOp 10 best sedan car under 10 lacs

Answer by Sushant 10 October 2012

Go for Toyota Etios Or choose from these TOp 10 best sedan car under 10 lacs

Answer by Sushant 10 October 2012

i want to tell you all
if you are planning to buy tata manza,
so please don't buy it,
all tata vehicle body material and color are so cheap,
i buy tata manza in 2010 , in 2011 i see the rust in the door and body parts,

i complaint for it they say 'we not provide warrnty on paint and rust'

Answer by Tushar Sureja 12 December 2012

Dezire :)

Answer by Shiv Prasad 12 December 2012

Service , looks , pick-up, resale , Fuel efficiency + what else you want other than these just go to maruti, even if you need to wait for some time for delivery just wait don't rush :)

Answer by Shiv Prasad 12 December 2012

every thing and any thing is in manza so go with it . 90 ps power
tata's ac and lots of features that you will not get in maruti suzuki swift and ford

Answer by TANAY APOORVA 12 December 2012


Answer by Shashvat Agarwal 12 December 2012

Buy i20/ Hyundai Verna.... Excellent look...

Answer by Ram 12 December 2012

undoubtedly and unmatchingly verna...

Answer by Sb 04 April 2013

Every body has given his view on the basis of his own car which he is using.
I observed that non of them is a expert.

So listen always your on voice........ I would suggest that each and every company is buying diesel engine from FIAT then why we should not go for Fiat master in Diesel. But since we always think about resale value otherwise Fiat n Chevrolet are the best in selling diesel cars.

Please compare every thing not only brand value or resale value. Be a practical man. See what today you are getting and how you would feel rather buying a low featured car to get good resale value . See you are personal going to use it so make yourself happy first.

To test my speach please compare both Amaze and Sail Sadan.

Answer by Kapil Dev 04 April 2013


Answer by Asnidhin 04 April 2013

The new HONDA Amaze its a good car better milage ,100ps engine. Pwrfull A/C,more space,more stylish Everything is good

Answer by Ashim Abdulla 04 April 2013

amaze as a compact sedan and etios for a family of 5
amaze has the best space a compact sedan can offer
etios has the best space which a saloon can offer it can seat three adults in the back
amaze has fantastic power

Answer by Shashvat Agarwal 04 April 2013


Answer by JEEVA 05 May 2013

dZire is the best sedan all the time...,value for money..trst vrty..,lw maintnce..,nice look..,grt resale value..excellent pick up and super milage...etc...GUYS GO 2 dZire and njoy ur life...

Answer by S E V 05 May 2013

dZire gr8........

Answer by Rama 05 May 2013

Dezire old model has much better look n a bigger boot to compliment the user... I love 2009 dezire VDI, ... I think the resale value is more for this version..Coz it's ltd version.

Answer by Raj 06 June 2013

go for Mahindra verito. u will get everything mileage,looks .. gr8 for long driving. its compact and strong.

Answer by Somnath Chatterjee 06 June 2013

verito in one word no argument.......

Answer by PARESH 06 June 2013

which is best in low mantanance indigo cr4 or indigo tdi easily i am from midle class

Answer by Sanjay 06 June 2013
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