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Wants to know the answer from the Expert that what's the difference in between Tata Vista Quadrajet and Maruti Swift VDI in the following aspect :- 1) Which car is better in pick-up Pl. specify. 2) How much time both the car takes from (0 to 100KM) please specify both the cars in details. 3) Which car is more powerfull & why. 4) Which car's Engine is better (DDiS or Quadrajet) in long term & why. 5) Which car is more comfortable & strong built. THANKS.
By Jagjit Singh 06 June 2010

Both Quadrajet and DDiS engine are sourced from FIAT. You may find hard to observe the Engine speed, pickup, power because both are same engines from FIAT.

Swift is more sporty and fun to drive than Vista and Maruti's service is better than Tata's, Advantage of Vista is a Value for Money.

Answer by Vinoth 06 June 2010

i completely agree with vinoth xcept that the gearbox engine tuning is better in vista but when it comes to service and resale nobody beats the maruti's product in india,if u want status then go for swift otherwise value for money is the vista.

Answer by Rajiv 06 June 2010

I am not at all agree with the comment from vinoth & Rajiv as because the specification of both cars are different.
(Swift delivers 75Bhp@4000, Torque190Nm@2000).
(Vista Quadrajet delivers 75Bhp@4000, Torque190@1750). which clearly indicates that both the cars are differnt in Power, pick-up & speed. (Wait for expert's suggestion or result).

Answer by Jatinder Singh 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

The Swift diesel takes app 13 seconds for 0 to100KMPH. and Vista Diesel takes around 15 seconds for the same.The power and performance of both are almost similar.The main difference lies in build quality,interiors,mileage, service back up.Marruti Suzuki has the advantage of higher number of sales and service network than Tata. Also mileage of Swift is higher by two KMPL, Disadvantage of Swift is the very familiarity onroad and competition from Ritz which is having upgraded engine and has fresh looks if not best.
The advantage of Vista is the style,better build quality and reliability.
Considering the overall quality,updatedness. Tata Indica Vista would be a better selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

Respected Shiva Shankarji thanks for your valuable information, it was not that easy to sort out the differances between the two cars with the same Engine. Only experts like U can answer such questions. THANKS.

Answer by Jagjit Singh 06 June 2010

Thanks to you Mr Shivshankar for the info you provided between the Vista & swift. I'm owner of honda city vtech & alto lx.Since I've been driving maruti, can say one thing that the quality of plastic they use inside the vehicle is of a poor quality. Yet, maruti is superior in service, easy on pocket to run.Mr shiv, I would be highly thankful for your expert views about my alto which hardly gives me 10km/ltr with a.c on & about 12 without a/c.It is three years old and I get it serviced regularly on right time. So where the problem lies!! Jasvir

Answer by Jasvir Singh 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

With Maruti Suzuki Alto the expected mileage ranes from 15 to 18KMPL. As you are getting mileage of around 10 to 12KMpl,There could be problem in Fuel pump.Also using newer airfilter, maintaining proper tyre pressure, changeing oil would help to improve mileage by little margine.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

vista is cheap and slower in 0-60mark. thats all. same plastic ints. everything same. Vista quadrajet will have a slightly improved resale value from now on cant see a reason why not.

Answer by Sooraj 06 June 2010

Thanx, Mr Sooraj for guiding us and concluding the discussion faster than the SWIFT.

Answer by Rajiv 06 June 2010

With reference the comments by Sooraj. Cheap in price don'nt means that the Performance of the said car is poor. For example certain prevledge Oxford Dictonery can be purchased in cheaper Price dos'nt means the said Exford Dictonery is poor in performance compare to other Dictonery.

Answer by Jagjit Singh 06 June 2010

I own two cars Verna SX CRDI, Purchased-(20th June 2099) & Tata Vista Quadrajet (Aura), purchased-(24th Feb. 2010)

Answer by Jagjit Singh 06 June 2010

Sorry for wrong answer, Verna SX CRDI was pucchased in 20th June 2009, not in 2099.

Answer by Jagjit Singh 06 June 2010

HI Mr.Jagjit singh,

Comparatively both engines, drive speed, specifications almost same for Swift and Vista but for service back-up and maintenancewise Swift is far better car, Vista on otherhand is newly/improved built car with new look, better interiors but Tata's service back-up is not so good.

Answer by S Joshi 06 June 2010
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