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Swift VXI or i20 magna which is better and why. Thanks
By Sonal 06 June 2010

I20 is overpriced although little bigger than swift.I20 starts more than 5 lacs for the base model. Little more money put u can buy manza petrol which is bigger and spacious.

Answer by Varinder Singh 06 June 2010

hands down the i20 wins the fight. more space, more features, better built quality & even good interriors (unlike cheap plastics of SWIFT)
features you get on i20 magna, that you won;t get on SWIFT vxi are.
rear wash & wipe, rear defogger.
body colored door handles and mirrors.
climatronic (automatic climate control)
in built music system.

defintely these features are worth to go in for......go for the i20....!!

Answer by Rishikesh 06 June 2010

I bought i20 recently and was amased by look , interior ,engine smmothness ,pick up . It is very stylish and gives very good look as compared to Swift . Just go for it w/o thinkng . You will really enjoy in totality .

Answer by J K Tripathy 06 June 2010

Thanks to all for your valuable suggestions. I am sure i will benefit from these. Just one more clarification from JK Tripathy, i have heard i20's ac is not at all effective, pls help me on this also as i stay in Delhi where its very hot these days. Thanks once again.

Answer by Sonal 06 June 2010

i20 is definitely better than the swift and it was positioned that way by hyundai to give competition to swift,its classier than the swift as far as the question about ac is concerned i have notfound any hyundai having a inefective ac there can be a problem with some demo car otherwise the car is very good slightly overpriced but you need to pay for a better product ,as far as swift is concerned very reliable trouble free easy to maintain and good resale value nobody beats the service network of marutis

Answer by Rajiv 06 June 2010

When I wanted to graduate from WagnoR, I had gone through , i20, Fabia, Honda City,Lenea,swift and SX4. However surprisingly I have settled with Swift Dzire Zxi. I give the followign reasons.

With i20's top vairant price I could buy a decent sedan,
i20 after all fall under small car category with no large boot space as dzire.

Honda city top variant demands a cost of around 10 lakhs, which in best of my experience, a car that demands brand value, though it has few superior features and power out put compared to Dzire

Lenea looka large car with abundance of boot space, lacks knee space at the rear and no reslae value

Skoda boast of its association with rich people, as thier service and maintanance cost can take sheen away from its fuel economy.

SX4 looks big and not ideal for city driving also as size of the car the fuel consumption is also large.

Swift has very little boot space and though its sexy with the butt of JLO, I find the car is meant only for the office goers.

Dzire some way or the other fit into all the bill, you have everything what you look for So I chose Dzire and I do not repent on it but I am reaping the benefit.

Answer by Satish Sekhar 06 June 2010

Although I20 is bigger than swift with better interiors still its overpriced. More ever the engine is not so powerful in I20 .It seems little underpowered.Same way verna compared to Sx4 is cramped car but almost same price or little more which is over pricing.So i would go for swift

Answer by Varinder Singh 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the two Hyundai i20 scores better on account of stylish outlook,spacious interiors,safety features,interiors quality.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

Thanks to everyone for helping me.

Answer by Sonal 06 June 2010

Don't think that i 20 is very stronger than Swift Dzire.
The crash test safety rating is higher for swift (than i 20).
Dent on body depends on many factors, the velocity of vehicle, sharpness & hardness of object, angulation of hit, part of the vehicle where it hit, etc. The bumper has to be deformed when it hit, so that it absorbs energy, otherwise it will be transmitted to the body & occupants. Now the metal bumper is abandoned due to this reason & also for the safety of the pedestrians.
The swift dzire is a very successful vehicle & not at all inferior to i20

Answer by Bipin 10 October 2013

recently i bought i 20 magna, now it is equipped with 1.2 vtvt engine, better in segment and even i driven dzire .... i feel so comofrt with i20. i am in confusion for 5 months and i have gone through reveiws, test drives thrice, at last bought i 20. It appears to me that boot space is little bit low compared with dzire. However, you may not feel conjust and comfort in i 20 un-comparable in segment. Driving comfort is excellnt. Every is talking about maintenance cost, though the maintenace cost is little bit expesive, still one can opt for i 20 because , when u r enjoying, feautes, excellent comfort of rear seats, comfort driving, more width than dzire....etc. you need bare, Particularly, when the car is more width, three persons can sit comfortably in rear seats. Now, the i 20 engine, fog lamps, design , look, is excellent .
Recnetly, while reversing, i hardly touch the wall but the dent is too small. So, i can say that the body plastic and paiting is toooooooooooo good when compared to dzire.
So, in may opinion, thing big, do think for cheap maintenance, when there is cheap body plastic and others, there should be ceap maitennace.. . Nonetheless, still the dzire is the leading car but for performance and strong body and comoft lovers, i 20 is the better car

Answer by DIVAKAR PULAKUNTLA 09 September 2013

Mr.Shiva Shankar's verdict is biased. He always speak against Maruti. According to him money & maintenance cost are nothing.

Answer by Bipin 08 August 2013

M confused which car is to buy.i20 or swift please help me m confusef

Answer by Ritesh Nassa 08 August 2013

Buy Honda Amaze Diesel SMT its 1500 cc engine. it`s a sedan car
1) BUY Bajaj insurance on your own. you will save 5000/-
2) avoid road side assistance as Bajaj insurance cover it. you will save 1700 x 4 = 4500.
3) don't buy extended warranty you will save 7000/-. as in 1st & 2 yrs of Honda warranty you will learn whether the engine is perfect or defective. During the 2 yrs. Warranty, if you feel that you still want to go for an extended warranty before the expiry of your original Honda warranty, you can buy it.
4) Honda Amaze – Diesel comes with ABS and EBD braking
5) Fuel average is the best.
6) In Honda Amaze EMT and EXMT you do not get charging point. The roadside shopkeepers with a dual harness pull out a charging point, the 1st point goes to the deck and 2nd goes to the charging point. Both consume 12 Volts each from single wire that has 12 volts (single) fuse. Honda can void warranty which such alteration. And please avoid cigarette lighter for sure, as it requires 15 Volt. In such a scenario its better to by SMT petrol or diesel.
7) You cannot fit wheel cap in base variant.
8) Mr. Latish - LINK WAY Honda Andheri (east), Mumbai - 9223546209
This is the only way you can save money on Honda
Thanks & Regards,
Ajay Rath
Email. :

Answer by Ajay 10 October 2013

i20 wins the race by lookin at above comments.. cheers to i20

Answer by Nits 08 August 2013

swift is the leading car in its segment. although in country like indian truly worthy. Perhaps its the cheap maintainance as its a maruthi suzuki brand.who cares for interior as it has a cool dash board. swift love it!!!

Answer by Kiran 07 July 2013

swift is the leading car in its segment. although in country like indian truly worthy. Perhaps its the cheap maintainance as its a maruthi suzuki brand.who cares for interior as it has a cool dash board. swift love it!!!

Answer by Kiran 07 July 2013

First of all I had been confused to buy a car then my friends advised me to take swift and I bought its superb because there is nothing in style and finishing swift rates more tha

Answer by Jicksmjose 03 March 2016

swift is best

Answer by Sk 12 December 2016
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