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wat is reason means engine knocking????? wats abt engine cc, bhp,& how can we calculate power????
By Bineesh 06 June 2010

engine knocking is the kind of sound coming from engine that you get almost like when you start reunning a car directly in second a lot softer but something like that. it maybe cuz of timing problems and sometime by usin xtra powered petrol like premium stuff. power is BHp which is break horse power which is about 746 watts. about not strictly about mind you. if that helps u.

Answer by Sooraj 06 June 2010
Expert`s comment:

Knocking is the abnormal noise comming from engine due to clash of flame of new cycle with flame of earlier cycle.Engine CC is the total cubic capacity of engine ie sum of cc of each cylinder. BHP is the brake horse power available at end of crank shaft. These details are mentioned in specifications.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

ok i was asking you wats is cc ments i well like to purches a 4x4 pickup but the country wants to know the cc of the engine so they will set the dutey for it.

Answer by Shawn Kattow 07 July 2010
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