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hi, i am not able to decide which car to buy between new wagon r or beat, monthly usage 500km, occasionally like to go on a long drive. thanks
By Sn Prasad 05 May 2010

Consider Chvey SPARK also

Answer by RAKESH 05 May 2010

beat is better but the kind of running u talking about any hatch would be allright!

Answer by Jai Thakore 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Wagon R would be a best choice for its spacious interiors,power,price factor.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

if your wallet is allright go for beat it is a good change of designs looks like a pop video. in terms of mileage both doesnot make much difference. chevy engine is good compared to K series.

Answer by Sooraj 05 May 2010

Maruti are better cars interms of maintainence and after sales service
the new wagon r is good looking car and has a proven track record
if you can afford a beat then look at ritz it is a better option

Answer by Parvez Kably 06 June 2010

if u like a stylish car and do not consider resale value much then go for beat its a very modern car makes a bold statement .otherwise the new wagon r is a very reliable car with upgraded features and nothing beats the service network and resale value of any maruti product in india.

Answer by Rajiv 06 June 2010

Thanks a lot for all your suggestion, finally i bought a wagon R.

Answer by Sn Prasad 06 June 2010

BEAT is a good car but chevy company is bad service man
Wagon R is definitely all purpose car with good resale value.
If u want to change ur car at some point of time it would be easier with Maruti brand

Answer by Harpreet 06 June 2010

In my experience CHEVY SERVICE IS SATISFACTORY. Service centre in a particular city may have a bad reputation though. First you have to be a chevy car owner to expericence and give the correct feedback

Answer by Rakesh 06 June 2010

when there is maruti name on your point to comapre it with other brands.bcoz at last u'll decide maruti only,coz some points like,milage,service and go for maruti only,,,,but if u have 1% of brand value or esteem kind of factor,,then think about ,,PUNTO,FIGO,BEAT,I10,120 OR POLO etc...

Answer by Ukmishra 06 June 2010

New Wagon R with K series engine will be safer option to Beat.
For your occasional long highway drives Beat will be more stable.
Being tall boy , Wagon R is less stable at higher speeds & has body roll.
Why don't you stretch a bit & go for Ritz at approx 25 K more. Maruti is giving higher discount on Ritz presently compared to Wagon R.
Ritz is fresh design & has a Beat type shape.
Resale will be certainly much better for Wagon R or Ritz.
Personally I would be worried with GM / Chevy presently as the GM India is 50 % owned by SIAC - Chinese co. Likely to come up with cheaper models from Chinese stable in future. Hence future resale is doubtful.

Answer by Deepam Morparia 06 June 2010
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