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I shortlisted Tata Indica Vista, Fiat Punto & Tata Indigo CS. I need a reliable car with good mileage & Power. Please help me to take decision to select one car from there three cars. If you have another car please suggest. My budget is 5 Lacs not a single penny more than that. ☺
By Kedar Vijay Bendre 05 May 2010

Dear Kedar,

Have a look of ford icon 1.4 tdci diesel. Cost is 5.5 l onroad.good sedan in competitive price , milege is 20 kms/l,
rocksolid superb car.


Answer by Suhas 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

In the budget range mentioned,Indica Vista would be the right selection.You can choose the varient depending upon onroad price.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

hi evening!
u cant go wrong on the new indigo e series diesel
ford vdi"S dezires are all heavy on cost at the time of necessary repairs plus incase of an high way break down any mechanic would attempt to rectify the mistake on a tata vehicle with the non multijet engine where as the others would only need to be towed to the authorised workshop.

Answer by Jai Thakore 05 May 2010

in your choice i suggest u to go for indica vista which is good in milage and power. go for the test drive for that today bye:)

Answer by Planetcars 05 May 2010

Considering your budget, Vista is the right choice among the cars you have listed. You may also want to take a look at Figo.

Answer by Benn 05 May 2010

Dear Kedar

Technicaly Punto is much better.
Also check Figo, it is good car in this amount.

Answer by Yusuf Khan 05 May 2010

the two cars u have selected are in different pricerange ,if u want status style and quality performance and are ready to pay a higher price and wait for sometime then vw is a better choice otherwise rugged and a common mans value for money car is vista ,which is far better than the earlier indica, critics who have not driven the vista cannot believe on tatas sudden improvement. babby its just a matter of struggle for existence and survival of the fittest.

Answer by Rajiv 05 May 2010

well if u need both mileage and power go for a diesel thats better to come in handy. indica is the option i would suggest. yes no resale value, yes people wil think u r a loser but it is a good car.

Answer by Sooraj 05 May 2010

FIAT is a giant in their own right. It is surprising that in India we have had an overdose earlier with their older models and so current buyers do not take them seriously. The fact however remains that the PUNTO is a very fine allround vehicle. The styling and build quality will make you proud for years to come !

Answer by Microman 06 June 2010

i test drove the indica petrol and it was seriously lacking in power- ont know about the diesel but i am sure it will cross your hard target of 5 lacs. you could consider chevy beat in your price range

Answer by Neo 06 June 2010

Tata Vista Quadrajet is far much Powerfull & faster than Ford Figo. Vista delivers 75bhp@4000, Torque190Nm@1750 which is better than Maruti's Swift, Ritz and Dzire, these cars delivers 75bhp@4000, Torque190Nm@2000. which clearly indicates that Vita is slittly better in power, than the said Maruti cars. Vista is a strong built car, Whearas if dog suddenly comes infront of the car & hits the speedy Maruti car from front,(approx. in 70 KM speed) nothing happens to dog, but will destroy the Bumper, AC condensor, leakage of AC gas, even the AC pipe get Destroyed of the said Maruti cars. Vista is rich in features & comfort with low price tag. Blindly opt for Vista Quadrajet Drivetech and stay Happy.

Answer by Jagjit Singh 06 June 2010

im rather surprised at mr sooraj 's comment that indica users are considered loosers , i fail to understand then what are lakhs of maruti 800 and crores of two wheeler user called ,in our country any car is still considered a luxury and you need to sweat it out to own a car, any person who starts caring and takes decision considering what others think will soon be in a condition of not owning a car ,better use ur own brains and damm care of what others think bcoz they are not going to pay for ur usage. indica vista is a good car in its pricerange.

Answer by Rajiv 06 June 2010

Hey Rajiv & Sooraj,

Please control your feelings, it is a forum where one need to give his opinion in a polite & meaningful manner and please help other car owners/to be owners by giving your practical experience/knowledge to clear their doubts in a positive manner and don't hurt by giving wrong advise,baseless comments please

Answer by S Joshi 06 June 2010

did anybody ask any advice from u ? instead of preaching just mind ur own bussiness and concentrate on what is being asked about the vehicles rather than teaching others what this forum is all would be highly appreciated if u controled ur feelings first and acted instead of reacting.

Answer by Rajiv 06 June 2010

Hey joshi uncle,
Dont you have any other thing to do instead of fighting with others i follow this forum for a long time and most of your answers are related to everything except what is asked ,is this your inborn nature or you have developed it later .thanking you in advance for not writing any further comments.

Answer by Pauli 06 June 2010

Some people give their very best opinions and some not, I can't help it. Mr.Rajiv I also seen you supporting and write favouring Tata & mr.pauli who are you to tell/advise others not to write?

Answer by Joshi 06 June 2010

Mr joshi, i openly accept that i love my safari even today inspite of owning an eight times costilier vehicle BMWx5 petrol version which is very rare in india .i am very proud to own an indian brand i.e safari and tata vehicles have not given me problems in the last ten years in which i ve driven lacs of kms and indica ,indigos and safari have contributed alot in my success ,i agree and am not at all ashamed in accepting i started my career with an indica in 1999 ,they never let me down and i always cared about them ,so why shoudnt i speak in favour of this brand ,i m a proud tata owner and i very much believe that their cars have improved like anything in the past ten years , in today's competetive world if an indian brand is maintaining a regula sales figure that in itself is a proof that as indians we should be proud of this company which is giving us very good products at very competetive price , i do get irritated when baseless comments are made by double standard people who do not have the capability to own a moped if bank financing is not there and if u have the guts to critisize anyone or any product have the guts to give reasons for that crisism .why dont u and bs kmr come up with supporting reasons when u cumpulsively critisize tata products why do you shy away when i openly ask u to quote reasons and experience.and as far as Pauli is concerned she is another person who is fedup of your attitude bcoz now every regular on this forum has started noticing your without sense comments.thanks

Answer by Rajiv 06 June 2010

Thanks mr.rajiv for telling whole world that, you are richest person to own BMWx5 and classifying us as people not owing even a moped, god is the person who knows how we Indians earn money whether thr legally or illegally, and gods sake any person by his hard earnings owns a car in his lifetime it is a great achivement and it is thr his hard work not earning thr second way, unless he is honest. You own BMW or not who comes to check. and sitting somewhere in the country dont judge others as poor by your sheer imagination. and Yes I supprt BS Kumar who is very expert car mechanic and no need to give reason for failed Tata vehicles. it is his expeirence/expertise and even in the Mechanical field Tata is not well accepted.

Answer by Joshi 06 June 2010

Mr joshi ,anyone can very well understand your frustration i know its a matter of sour grapes .anybody can judge from your personal attacks on me what is ur mental condition is .just a few days earlier you were teaching us about contolling our feelings and using cultured language and look where u stand today .my double faceted friend . i dont think Tata motors needs any certificate from me or u or some mechanic as to where it stands,and if u are man enough why dont u come up with few logical explanations as to how tata vehicles are failed in what u call mechanical field ,what are the drawbacks and how many tata vehicles u have owned or driven, how many kms ,and what are the problems u faced so that we laymen could understand the reason behind your critisism and if u find tata vehicles are failure then why were you suggesting indica vista to someone a few weeks back on this very forum .this enough to prove the degree of ur seriousness.

Answer by Rajiv 06 June 2010

joshi uncle God great hote hain person nahin .i really appreciate your sense of humor (pun intended). bs kmr se kya gift mila uncle? hume bhi do naa, phir hum dono saath mein mil kar tata"s ki burayi logo ko batainge.

Answer by Pauli 06 June 2010

Thanks for both of you (rajiv & pauli) and Pauli& rajiv humko batane aur hamara dimaka judge karnekiliye bahut shkriya auntiji/uncleji ni ni hujur!

Answer by S Joshi 06 June 2010

THANX for what ???????????????????????????????you have still not answered the main question of kedar vijay whether to go for vista or not ,where is the meaning in your last few comments which you were suggesting to sooraj and rajiv a few comments earlier and what is this dimaka , ni ni ni.

Answer by Pauli 06 June 2010

Hay Guys I am looking for the Petrol cars. So please suggest which car to buy? I took test drive of Wagen R VXi ABS that was in Pune traffic. I was unable to judge the car cause the time. When i read the magazines & reviews about the Wagen R it was clearly mentioned that Wagen R is a City Car & no suitable for highway.

Answer by Kedar 06 June 2010

i thnk punto is a good option if u really dont want look into resale value.
its very comfortable,
very nice engine( tht comes for swift d ),
good mileage(21-22kmpl in highways),
decent features even for base model..take a test drive...
u will like it for its drivability and comfort..
its a great deal for its class...
moreover they are having offer worth 50thousand so it will come within ur budjet...

Answer by Sree 06 June 2010

hey guys cheer. TATA- motors had hic ups in their early products, no doubt about it.but u see theie latest product MANZA i think its a leap forward by TATAs. its awesome car and with all features and great engine unlike old indica/indigo which at first push of accelerator u conclude underpowered engine.I personally was never impressed with any TATA car but MANZa is a gem of product.

Answer by Varinder Singh 06 June 2010

What about the Maruti Suzuki Wagen R 1.0 Vxi ABS. Also please give comments on hyundai I20 ERA (base varaint) which costs me 5.10 lac in Pune

Answer by Kedar Vijay Bendre 06 June 2010
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