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Hello ALl... I own a Matiz 2001 Model, BLR Reg, My problem is engine heating.... Last week I have got replaced the radiator pipe, thought of coolent leak. but still it is showing the meter hot !!.. Now I understood that it time to replace the THERMOSTAT !! my worry is can i get the best one and how much it COSTs !! plz help me to get the approx. cost of thermostat... (will it cost ~~Rs.1000 to 1500 ? is dat rt?)
By VJOY 05 May 2010

bro check for the gaskit if it is still getiing heat u have to change the same.optianally check how much coolent is there mix it with water & make sure it should be at min. level reqired.

Answer by The King 05 May 2010

Check if the radiator fan circuit is working properly (going on and off at specificed temprature). Also check if the coolant container is showing a mixing of oil (the coolant container will contain some oil if there is any gazget seal crack in the cylinder head block due to overheating). You can check this by opening the coolant container cap and there will be some amount of manoiase type sticky material near the neck of the cap.

Answer by Hari Iyer 05 May 2010

Hello Vijoy.
I own a Matiz too. I had faced similar problems earlier...

As advised by other readers, get the thermostat, cooling fan, coolant level, hoze pipe leaks checked thoroughly.

& if still the problems persists, then get the spring loaded valve removed (which is in the path of coolant flow). It is placed somewhere around the distributor, just around the place where a hoze pipe from engine block towards the radiator.

As the car ages, the spring valve doesn't activate effectively.. thus limitimg the coolant circulation.
Which results in overheating every 30kms of running.


Answer by Bipin 05 May 2010

Need to check the engine packing. If there is a leak in engine packing, the coolant will get dried and the coolant keep reducing from the can. So take a check..

Answer by Sara 05 May 2010

even after following the recomendations u still cant fix the problem just get the main engine timing checked by opening the timing cover it could be plus or a bit minus set it correctly it should leave u laughing.

Answer by Jai Thakore 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

There could be malfunctioning of temperature switch. Replace the temperature swith and check, if still there is excessive temperature then thermostat switch needs to be checked and replaced.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 06 June 2010

Try all the needfull as suggested by the Experts & Owners, If did all the needful as suggest, but still facing the same problem, replase the radiater, sometimes formation of Iron inside the radiater, cause the same problem.

Answer by Jagjit Singh 06 June 2010

Thanks mates...! Thanks for u r valuable suggestions..! Many of u r correct.. Thermostat, spring valve and radiator are the main parts of my car prob I've seen in service manual of Matiz...
one of the mechanic also said the same thing...
Again thanks all.. I will see the mechanic this SATurday...:)

Any good mechanic info & suggestion..PLZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Answer by VJOY 06 June 2010
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