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Dear Experts, What is difference between drum brakes & disk brakes? Which one is best? Regards, Rajesh
By Rajesh Narvankar 05 May 2010

A drum brake system uses brake shoes that press against a drum that rotates around it. The drum is attached to the wheel and the brake shoes create friction and cause a reduction in speed when pressed against it. Disc brakes use a disc attached just like the drums but usually at greater diameters to provide more stopping power through moment - distance from the centre. (This is why bicycle brakes are so tiny and yet so effective, because they are so far away from the centre.) Disc brakes have pads that wear out and need to be replaced just like the brake shoes. Disc brakes are generally much more effective given the inherent mechanical advantages, and also considering heat dissipation being much better with exposed discs and ventilated discs. It is also possible to have two or more sets of brake pads on the same disc for even more stopping power if desired. It is also possible to have multiple discs on the same wheel, so it should be clear that disc brakes are definitely more effective.

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Congratulations Mr B S Kumar.
You have clearly explained the Disc brakes vs. Drum brakes.
What is your profession. Are you a teacher.or Professor.
Inform me at

Answer by Dr P C Rao 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Mr BS Kumar has given prety detailed and correct information regarding the disc and drum brakes.
Only drawback with Mr Kumar is that he is always opposing Tata Motors without valid reasons. While commenting the asnwer providers should be neutral in approach and evaluate based on parameters like actual performance,build quality etc rather than targetting only one brand to be poor inquality while all others are very good. Even Luxury vehicles does have technical faults and they tend towait for months to get the car repaired.That does not mean even that brand is useless.
In short Mr B.S.Kumar is requested to provide genuine answers like above .
Also dont think that I am cmpletely favouring Tata Motors.The point is that it looks very disgusting to see your answers targetting only one manufacturer.
Hope you take it in good sprit.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

its a so simple you see any disc brake bike and know about disc brake.disc brake is best technology of our engineers..

Answer by Ravinder 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

drum brake stop the wheel by expanding in side the wheel .. and disc brake stops the wheel by pressing the disk plate by brake pad ..this is simply working styles of both

which one is best it defend on users and manufactures . but when bike drives with care fully drum brake is enough till 60kmph ..but now bikes coming high speed near 100kmph so manufacturer sending with disk brake ..
and it is a defend on drive how he use front brake at suddenly.. mostly incients cause by non practice of apply front brakes at unexpected time well practice on f,brake is must to handle better at top speed ...

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 05 May 2010

Dear All,

Thank you so much. Great explanations.


Answer by Rajesh Narvankar 05 May 2010
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