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i want to repair full engine of my car maruthi 800
By Suryavamshi 05 May 2010

Great! Good luck for the desired results!

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

The complete engine overhaul can cost upto 15k Rs.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

Why don't you go in for a half engine change. Maruti has such a wonderful idea. Half of the engine block which caries the cylinder bloack can be changed at a very nominal charge and the car will be as good as new

Answer by Vijayakumarpn 05 May 2010

please dont go for that better bye a new one. change of engine will not garantee the other parts attached with the engine.forget obout it and bye a new one.

Answer by D CHATTERJEE 05 May 2010

vijay kmrn has rightly suggested u to go for half engine change, when the block and pistons ,rings are replaced the engine becomes almost new this is an original maruti inisiative and not many are aware about it.

Answer by Rajiv 05 May 2010


Answer by RAHUL. 03 March 2016

Replaced half engine for my Esteem in 2008.... still going strong with the only scheduled servicing.... the distance covered after half engine change is 75000 Kms....

Answer by Tazim Hashmi 07 July 2016

Hi sir, my alto 2006 model car engine has damaged and making noise due to car ran long time with insufficient engine oil. So can you tell around how much cost to repair the engine.

Answer by Sarun 07 July 2017

Can I still get a new engine for Maruti 800 as I am thinking to install air con to it.

Answer by Raunak Goyal 08 August 2017

Sir good morning, pleased advice me my Alto car bs 4 Engeine is soughting very much. If I repair full Engeine what cost for me.

Answer by Sanjay Kumar 04 April 2018

Hai sir, my Alto car engine is shouting very much. Please advise me if I repair my Alto car engine how much money spend me. Thanks

Answer by Sanjay Kumar 04 April 2018

Where can I go for half engine change for Maruti in Bihar cause I m planning to buy used Maruti van for my family in near future. Anyone pls suggest if u have any knowledge of it

Answer by Abdul Akram Vasim. 05 May 2018

My engin is not working soft ... dont give avrage

Answer by Suraj Jadhav 09 September 2018

my maruti 800 modal 2005 engine problem lot of smoke out but car running ok so repair engine total cost

Answer by Vishnu Patel 12 December 2018

Hi i want to replace my maruti omni complete engine what is the price.

Answer by Md 01 January 2019

My maruti 800dx 2008 modal noise and alot of smoking due to cause pics engine oil how much rupees spend

Answer by Sahil Imran 04 April 2020

Maruthi Omni engine repair costs how much

Answer by Sanjay 05 May 2020

Alto full engine work cost reapering

Answer by Bhaskar Sarkate 07 July 2020

I Have Alto 800 LXI But It is total losss Which is the cost for repair

Answer by Shubham Kumar 08 August 2021

My maruthi 800 engine full bearings sounds ..full hired and smook coming..

Answer by Tulasi 03 March 2022

Alto 800 LXI block piston ring

Answer by Zubenthung 11 November 2022
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