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I am planning to buy an suv.Decided on safari,but the dealer gave me a 22k run safari for test drive and the vehicle had lots of vibrations and lots of sound.He told me that it s because its a badly driven test drive vehicle and the issue is not there in a new safari.Is this true?Shall i go ahead and buy safari?any advice for me?Am planning to go for Safari VX.
By Sasi 05 May 2010

i bought safari lx 6 months ago. drove 25000 as on date. vibration i never faced. about sound u will feel sound of glass and deshboard on bumpy road. else its a good choice. not worth to buy vx for 11.50lakh. go for lx or ex.

Answer by Hemal 05 May 2010

Please! The Test Drive vehicle is the demo vehicle with which they should be impressing you, not depressing you! That shows you how well organized that company is. Any car is designed for any qualified driver to drive it, not just an expert. So, in 22K of driving, if there are vibrations and sound, how can you be confident that won't show up on the car you end up buying? Just for this bad experience, I would avoid this vehicle. You will be very unhappy if things go wrong.

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2010

Dear B.S.Kumar...

I own a safari 4x4, 1999 model and I never spent anything more than 3,000.00 ( Rupees three thousand only )on maintanance like oil change, and other petty charges. It has given me the best service so far and never ever let me down on the long run. It has covered more than 2 lakh so far still running very smooth and never rattles. But I see your comment against Tata Safari rattles more and every time I see your adverse remarks about Tata Safari, my blood starts to boil. Grapes are always sour if you can't get them. same is the case with you. You do not have any moral right to comment on any vehicle unless you own them. Please stop misguiding people with your insane remarks and all of us would be happy if you stop posting your comments altogether on this website in the general interest of the viewers. May god Bless you.

Answer by Vishoo 05 May 2010

Dear Sasi, Sachin & Vishoo,

Namaste, Sat Sri Akaal, Good day!

It feels like Vishoo you are big fan of Tata and i respect it totally, but what i think and believe it's nothing wrong to give opinions and suggestions, what Mr. B.S.Kumar have mentioned is not wrong at all, if an individual goes for test drive a car which he/she plans to buy soon and dealer start's giving excuses and explanations which a customer is not interested of, what a customer is interested in is a true sheer joy and experience of his dreams which will be in reality. If i go to buy a car and if demo car rattles at 22K, anyone might re-think twice before spending his/her hard earned money, buying a car is big decision and commitment, it's not candy that if one doesn't tastes good, you can buy another new one.

Secondly B S Kumar, Vishoo, Sachin and myself has given our opinion(s) and Mr.Sasi can review all suggestions and make a decision.

I am ex-owner of Maruti and presently having Hyundai Accent GTX, though i near future planning to buy SUV and i will most probably plan to go for Safari as well, as it's Made in India and for Indian roads. Tata is big orginasation/company and they do have R & D as any other brand.

Car is a machinery, but one must take care of it as any human, somethings goes wrong fix it asap rather than waiting long.

Any car you buy, if you take care of it... it will take care of you.

Safari reviews:

P S Deol

Answer by P S Deol 05 May 2010

rightly said Mr. Deol. B.S. Kumar has just mentioned his opinion and there is nothing to take it so personally. Vishoo there are loads and loads of differences between a 99 safari and the new one. So you cant be so sure about the new one.

Vishoo and Sachin, being a TATA or a car fanatic is one thing and giving unbiased opinions is another.

Sasi, try visiting another dealer and check if you can get a test drive on a safari there. This should help even out things.

Answer by Sri 05 May 2010

Hi Sasi.Even i faced a similar problem as u.But believe the dealer.There is a prob with their test drive vehicles.I faced a similar prob with the swift test vehicle too..I have a safari dicor in my family since 2 yrs,driven around is like brand new.No prob what so ever.Even i have booked a safari a couple of days back.Im not a tata fan at all..but safari is very unlike tata.They treat safari owners with great respect.Moreover its the best in class SUV..At an unbeatable price.

Answer by Dhruv Kapoor 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Tata Safari is a good SUV for its reliability,power and proven performance moreover its well established since more than 10 years.
Test driving for 22k KM is prety long experience of handling Safari and as you haveexperienced too much vibration according to yor style of driving.Its advisable in not going for Safari when you are in confusion.Best thing to do is to mention the same to dealer and take test drive of other Safari and drive for few thousand km.If satisfied then only you can goahead with the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

my safari has run 87000kms in 14 months and i have not faced any problem till now recently ive bought a BMW X5 but still i love my safari,there is no competition for safari in its class and pricerange it is one tata vehicle which commands maximum respect on road ,as far as bs kmr is concerned any regular on this site is aware his remarks are not to be taken seriously after all who can belive a person who does not have any logic ,cannot support his answer with reasons or experience and is a habbitual critic , as mentioned earlier remarks by bs kmr will always be against tata motors so his comments should not be taken seriously after all its a matter of sales .VESTED INTEREST.

Answer by Rajiv 05 May 2010

Friends, Mr.B.S.Kumar has every right to express his personal opinion.Mr.Vishoo has overstepped the limit of decency by his uncalled for caustic remarks about Mr.Kumar.Pl. refrain from personal attacks.Dont degrade this forum.

Answer by Robin 05 May 2010

When u going for tank love the sound of it ..... U r going for a great suv for Indian roads ...... I got all old and the latest model of safari they all make sound and viberation but I still like them ....

Answer by Gaurav Dave 05 May 2010

Dear All,
I am proud owner of Tata Safari. face no problem what so ever from vehicle during toughs drive of time tested specially in Countryside and very bad shape road.
Tata Motor is our technology and we should feel proud being Indian that such as world class company has been develop by our own technology.
Every technology has snag i am sure you all will remember Toyoto problem in USA last year.
USA Government and public as Openly Supported General Motor in crisis time.

Thank you.

Answer by Rama Shanker Pandey 05 May 2010

I had to post the above remark as I went through one more question of a reader, where Mr B.S. Kumar had posted some unrealistic answer about Tata Safari which is far from true. Please go thru his answer.
Of which
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I am planning to go for a second hand Safari. I am in a confusion between the old model and new model, so please give few clarification on my few on safari model.

It is obvious that I need to spend less for an old mode [provided I mind the condition of vehicle of-course]

What are the difference b/w Safari type 1 and type 2 [Old model and 2.2 dicor]. My Question is basically about the chassis and suspension irrespective of the engine.

Please help me to choose between these.


B S Kumar
Fundamentally the same design on both the models. The Safari is a lumbering, heavy vehicle that cannot do any of the things they show in the advertisement. Treat it like an expensive to maintain luxury car, not like an SUV. It will come apart if driven off road.

Posted: 11 days ago

Answer by Vishoo 05 May 2010

Please watch the above videos and comment Mr B.S. Kumar

Answer by Vishoo 05 May 2010

Guys,i read your comments,,and just want to tell you...why r u giving so hype to safari's drawbacks,,,why dont you think, only tata made possilbe to buy a SUV on a car's price (7lacks) what more you can expect in this price,what a cruiser and pure suv look and feel.if anyone wants more than that..go for TAHOE, ESCALDE,Z71,PATROL SAFARI,YUKON etc.but dont make such a bad comments,anyhow safari Dicor is much redefined than before and still much better than other indian BOXY suvs.

Answer by Ukmishra 05 May 2010

i`ltell you 1 thing my friend u buy safari cuz u want 1 not need 1 get me. if u need u buy some other stuff.. that elegance and royalty and that high seat driving position u won get it even in BMW x5 trust me on that for my best friend owns one and we`v gone some long distances on it..

Answer by Sooraj 05 May 2010

Mr Robin , i do not think vishnoo has at all crossed his limits and done anything wrong that you are reacting in such manner ,as far as bs kmr comments are concernd every regular on this forum is aware about his anti tata campaign for the past few months everybody including our very sober and to the point car expert Shiv shankar is fedup of bskmr comments ,it seems he has some personal enimity with the tatas otherwise nobody can become such compulsive without reason ,without logic critic of a particular brand ,and thus such comments about his answers i pesonally have at least 10 times asked kmr to give a reasons , but he keeps on with his campaign of mis guiding people .if u critisize something u should responsible enough to have a logic and reason for what u say otherwise there will be reactions then why cry .Tata safari is a very good suv in its pricerange no doubt about it,this i can claim being a safari usr myself.

Answer by Rajiv 05 May 2010

Thank you all for your inputs. For the record, I am not against Tata, just against bad quality. Tata in MY OPINION (not God's truth), has produced 3 good vehicles - the ACE, the 407 truck, and the TDI 4x4 crew cab with turbocharger, intercooler and a high clearance. I had the pleasure of experiencing this vehicle's performance in sub zero temperatures in Nepal at over 13,000 ft. and it was just excellent. Unfortunately, in these forums, nobody asks anybody's opinions about the TDI 4x4 crew cab, the ACE (which is PERFECT performance oriented design), or the 407. If you're that sensitive about Tata, maybe you can tell them to match the quality of all their vehicles to that of the TDI 4x4?

Answer by B S Kumar 06 June 2010

Mr BS Kumar I dont think all dealers maintain their test drive vehicle in good health. Recently my visit to maruti show room (vittesse) in Bombay the dezire test drive vehicle looked pathetic.

Answer by Varinder Singh 06 June 2010

What to say about Kumar!
Some people are questioning his credentials that he is not owner of even a bicycle and some people judging him as a fool, alas! I am not supporting Kumar neither or criticising somebody, it is his personal interest,experience which matters, and what about mahindra? It is also our own Proud Indian company? they manufacture better cars than Tata, and all our Indian army vehicles are made by mahindras, nobody seems to be bothered that there is one more patriotic company which manufactures vehicles for our soldiers who travel in mountains and hilly terrains fighting all odds. Be spirit for all Indian companies and say we pround Indians!

Answer by S Joshi 06 June 2010

hey Joshi,

Never get confused. watch all our comments and come out of hullicination. No where we criticizes Mahindra. Mahindra may be good with their own vehicles. But when it comes to on road presence, saftey and ownership expirience, no one can match Tata safari. You may ask any top indian politician in this regard. LOL

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010

Mr Joshi.

have you forgotten about tata trucks carrying arms and ammunitions in the same treacherous road? The answer is simple. Tata does not produce A jeep like vehicle and Mahindra does not produce a Tata like trucks. So Both are Indian companies and both are equally worthy of praise.

Answer by Vishoo 06 June 2010
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