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My car , Accent 2004 petrol is little sluggish in the first little JAtka also. My mechanics has advised me to clean the injectors. Would this help and what kind of injector cleaning is advised.
By Varinder Singh 05 May 2010

IF the injectors are the problem, I would be surprised if you have problems only in 1st gear. It could be that you have some blockage that shows up at low engine revolutions and hence you feel it while starting to move in 1st gear. There are essentially two ways to get your injectors cleaned. A professional mechanic will pull out your injectors and clean them inside out. That will ensure you don't have problems for a while due to rust, dirt in the fuel, etc. If the problem you are facing now is not too severe, you could try one of the fuel additives specifically available for this purpose. Make sure you adhere to the mixing guidelines, for most of the additives work best under the suggested ratio, for which you may have to fill up your fuel tank. Also, if your mechanic tells you to have your fuel tank cleaned, follow that advice. There is not much chance of any large particle of dirt coming through the fuel filter and fuel pump and making it all the way from the tank to the injector, but this is still good maintenance.

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2010

I wonder if B.S.Kumar has ever seen an injector, to make such statements 'that a profesional mechanic will pull out your injectors and clean them inside out' is the stupidest comment I have read in any statement.One needs a special machine for cleaning and for calibration

Answer by Minoo Shroff 05 May 2010

Dear Minoo,
In this forum I feel all respected persons involved and I deeply hurt by your comment on Mr.B.S.Kumar. I feel people on this forum will not like such harsh words. I am not expert on automobile and you may be right on your own way, but other ways are there to communicate to the people.

Answer by Rutvik Dixit 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

The solution lies in getting the fuel supply system checked thoroughly including calibration of injectors.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

B.S Kumar is very much right. I got my Injectors clean t and the process was that the injectors was taken out and clean t with additive solution using a small motor.The process was reverse flushing out the carbon using the solution. The process can be also be performed in a machine. There was lot of carbon and rust that made the clear chemical brown.After cleaning the injectors I felt the change in the car(just got it today so little time to judge)however any increase in the fuel average is still to be ascertained as claimed by mechanic.

Answer by Varinder Singh 05 May 2010

Hi Minoo,

You are not supposed dishurt anybody's sentiments and some great people also wondered and blamed Mr.Kumar as Sales Executive all blah,blah and some people are very much interested in promoting some particular brand etc., etc, and what Kumar is right in his words or may not but seems some logic in his comment, and yes most of times he is not liking particular brand and that may his bad experience but yes one cannot blame any particular brand for whatsoever reason, and this is a forum all we car owners should exchange our technical expertise with others in a polite manner, not using harsh/uncultured words as Idotic, biased, and stupid. (Even though everybody claims they are car owners but in reality when real mechanic problem arises, we approach expert mechanics to solve our problems, irrespective of our technical knowledge and final say is Mechanics)

Answer by S Joshi 05 May 2010

is this forum for disscussing general problems and answering querries or is it for favouring a particular brand or person and mr joshi if u are so concerned about people using right language then what is blah blah blah .it would be better if u remember ur comment and the quality of words chosen by u some months back when u use to discuss ur brothers accident by an indica .if u need i can publish ur answers in the past and let others consider ur decency if an answer is idiotic it will be called so ,if u do not hve the sense to give unbiased views be ready to get it back inthe same tune and it would be a favour if u keot to the point and talked about cars instead of teaching ettiquite so papa dont preach.

Answer by Rajiv 06 June 2010

shall we get back to the questio then??? :-P

Answer by Sooraj 06 June 2010
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