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Hyundai Asta 1.4 Diesel has launched a 6 speed version. I got a performan invoice from a reputed dealer for the new model and arranged finance for promised delivery of the new version in 2 weeks by paying the booking advance. Now he is backing out insisting me to buy the 5 gear version as otherwise I have to wait for 2 months and spend 2% extra on Road tax (Telephonic information). I fear whether it is true as I also heard that Hyundai offers upto Rs.1,25,000/- discount on the old model. The dealer offered me Rs.10,000/- discount for the old model. Is it true or is it an unfair practice and has it any backing from Hyundai
By Somanathan 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

There is no discount offer of 1.25 lac for i20.There are chances of waiting period of 2 months for i20. The sales person may be playing trick to get the sale done on urgent basis.You can insist on the dealer to give the deliver of i20 6 speed version itself and asap.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

If your invoice is based on a 6 spd. car, that is what you should get. Just forget about the 5 spd. and put pressure on them for delivering exactly what you paid for, or drag them to the Consumer court for making false promises and misleading statements.

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2010

Agree with Shiva & BS...insist on the 6 speed variant...I'm sure they're trying to get rid of their old 5 speed stock and hence offering such a huge discount, which is not a normal practice else Hyundai would've been advertising that themselves. Also, on the road tax, are you based in Delhi? Coz the Delhi govt just announced a hike in road taxes, so you will need to pay the prevailing rates at the time of buying the car.

Answer by Nitin 05 May 2010
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