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i am confused between de new unicorn dazzler and the suzuki gs 150! pls advice!and soon!
By Varun 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the two,Honda Unicorn would be the best selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

You can blindly go for Unicorn.
Great engine, great bike.
Honda has made it lot of precision.
Because of it's quality, it have very good resale value too.

Answer by Shekhar Bandaru 05 May 2010

but i dont like the looks of the unicorn the suzuki gs 150 realyy that bad?

Answer by Varun Thamba 05 May 2010

Go for unicorn. GS 150 is also gud but performance wise unicorn has a proven track record n value for money

Answer by Ram 05 May 2010

go for unicorn.good performance, good mileage and value for money.

Answer by Unni 05 May 2010

U should go for honda unicorn not for suzuki or dazzler

Answer by Zeeshan 05 May 2010

Go for unicorn dazzler, best and decent mileage . If you need more performance in high ways go for suzuki gs 150 bcoz its an six speed gear box

Answer by Raj 05 May 2010

In the present competitive world all the companies trying to make their product as good as possible with attractive features. As such we cannot say GS 150 is a bad one. But Unicorn is a proven vehicle which have a good service background and comparatively good mileage of around 50-55 kms per litre in city, and low maintenance cost and a good resale value. I think buying a Unicorn is a better decision.

Answer by Anu Cajetan 05 May 2010

thanks guys.............almost everyone is unanimous for dat i think wil b de best choice....

Answer by Varun 05 May 2010

I would beg to differ Varun. The Unicorn is a great bike, but the Suzuki 150 is no less. It has the extra gear, the 6th, that gives it an excellent advantage on longer rides. It is very comfortable to ride, very smooth, and gives people I know 60 kmpl in normal city usage. They are very happy, and they too thought about the Unicorn, and still say that is a good bike too, but the 150 from Suzuki is very special to them. You should ride both before you decide.

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2010

Hi Varun.
Iv Previously owned a Unicorn and to describe it in one word its Fabulous....
Ridden the Suzuki too its not less of a machine.
The power,Ride comfort and stability is impressive.Pick up is also very good of the bike And the 6th gear puts the Cherry on the cake...
Test Drove the new Unicorn n there is a Vast difference in the handling and the bike feels more peppier....Besides the new Unicorn has a few more Features than its older brother.
I would Go with the Uncorn But if u have the love for a suzuki n d pasion for one;test drive both on the same day immdeiately n buy the one ur heart wants...As both bikes are really good.Good Choice on picking from these two.All the Best.Safe Riding and Happy Revving.

Answer by Christopher Albuquerque 05 May 2010

thanks again guys..........dazzler is a gr8 bike..i drove it...but its looks i loathe.....dont want a bike which i dnt like looking at........i`l ride de gs150 once and do wat my heart says....guess dat`l b de best thing to do!
thnks again guys!

Answer by Varun 05 May 2010


Answer by AKKI 05 May 2010

My heart & Brain goes with Honda. Among the foreign manufacturer Suzuki sales & service is worst. They could not run their show room at AJC Bose Rd at Kolkata and dont have a service centre of their own at Kol, I dont know the rest of the countree... I find very few Suzukis on the road compare to Honda. Specification wise Dazzler is much superior than GS 150R except that 6th gear which has very less significance at 150 c.c. segment. So go for Honda.

Answer by Angus 06 June 2010

Re think if your buying GS150R...
Here are the reason:
1. Engine is not refined, Weight is 149 kg If your using in city you might get bugged coz of initial pick up... Seating posture is not correct you might get back ache.... Pillion seat is way above.. adding to above braking n head light sucks..

Answer by Mayur 07 July 2010

hay gays! can u sujish me i like the both. but in the city of hyderabad which bike will give ur the best ride, confert, and millage

Answer by Santosh 08 August 2010
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