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Dear all, I have a LPG fitted opel which is in good running condition,My query is regarding refuelling with AutoLPG/Cooking LPG. I read it that it is not safe to use doemstinc gas for refuelling as it contains sulphur/some methyl compounds which damage the engine. Is it true? Kindly throw some light on this, as my mechanic insists me to get the domestic cylinder and fill it inorder to get the fuel economy almost 1.5re / kilometer, But I susepect. regards, Suresh
By Suresh 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

It wont be advisable to use domestic lpg to car. There could be prolem with rings with long term usage of domestic LPG in car.It would be better to put kit from authorised dealer of LPG kit and use Auto LPG.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

If you have not been informed about this already - it is illegal to use domestic LPG for anything other than cooking at home. Even the commercial cooking LPG is priced differently. This is because the government spends crores on subsidising this fuel for poor people's consumption, so that it is not a burden on the average family. Your mechanic should be ashamed of himself for even suggesting something like this. All the good schemes in our country go to the dogs because of misuse, abuse and illegal activities like this one being suggested to you. Kindly fill only Auto LPG knowing that you are helping to fight pollution to some extent already, and avoid even the thought of using domestic LPG for your car. It is an anti-national attitude. Please report your mechanic to the Commercial Tax Officer of your area. Anybody who runs his/her car on domestic LPG is liable for prosecution, too.

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2010

it is not safe and legal to use domestic lpg in car.i have a opel 2004 running on may fit a rta authorised kit externally.but though lpg may give you a good mileage for money definitely there will be strain on the engine. you know the heart of opel is in engine as well in the sturdiness of the case of collission of the same degree opel suffers very little compared to maruti or santro .

Answer by Dr Pathy 05 May 2010

sorry the car was sold 2 months ago

Answer by Sangeeta 05 May 2010


Am also using the OPEL on LPG only.... But i never used Domestic LPG.. It is not advisable for any vehicle... u'll get the formation of dust on your gas kit often.. So please go for Auto LPG and as for as economy concern also u have to Spend Aprox Rs.2 / Km on Auto LPG.. U're jus gonna to spend 50 Paise for Safety and better performance....think of it !!

Answer by Ramesh 05 May 2010

Hello Suresh,

As far as I know that, the domestic LPG is dusty, smelly & last graded LPG, as the LPG in the fuel stations is far more than purified. There will be a huge strain on the engines while burning the domestic lpg. The domestic LPG is being supplied to homes against a big subsidies by the government so why the domestic lpg suppliers to bother about the quality of LPG being supplied to cooking purpose. And further I suggest to use the retrofitted LPG Kit by fuelling at the authorised refuelling stations. As the usage of domestic LPG other than for house hold cooking is illegal and liable for prosecution when you get caught.


Answer by Sagar 05 May 2010

sorry car was sold long back. it troubled me a lot. but i used cng kit. i advise never to use domestic lpg. its higky unsafe and pollutes air.

Answer by Shravan 05 May 2010
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