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I have Maruti 800 (non Ac) 2002 model in a very good condition. Now I want to fit a AC. What points should be kept in mind while installing the Ac? Should the battery, Alternator and Cooling Fan needs to be replaced?
By Amit Raj 05 May 2010

I also have maruti 800 mpfi 5 gears of 2001. i got yhe a.c. fitten before 3 years when i had to be on a long vacation druive. mostly the radiator is to be changed and the fan also. u have not to worry it is to the look out of the a.c. fitting company as i had not worried and just decided tohe price with the dealer and got the a.c. fitted. o.k. it is a good decision to have an a.c. as the summer being more hot.

Answer by MANISH RAJVAIDYA 05 May 2010

Please do not have the AC installed from outside.It will be a sheer waste of money.In this heat it will not work effectively.
Even factory fitted AC does not work inthis heat.There will be a huge overload on the engine and your car willsuffer frequent brekdowns.
Best is to wait and upgrade to a Zen /Wagon R where the engine displacement is 1100cc and the car can take the load.

Answer by Sanjay Jain 05 May 2010

sanjay is right do not install the AC in maruti, it will have no use, mere wastage of money. its better to drive car by open windows because cooling in maruti even do not remove ur sweat. After fitting AC also u have to open the window. My suggestion nis not to install AC.

Answer by Rahul 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

Installing AC to old car won't be a good idea as it will not be be effective.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

no. dont do it.

Answer by A V PATIL 05 May 2010

company fited AC is a good option but instaling AC after buying a non AC car is not recomended.800 cc is not suficient to take a long time load with AC.

Answer by DEBMALYA 05 May 2010
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