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Hi! I am looking for a car either second had or new for around 4 lacs,giving preference for comfort,drive quality,safety,low maintenance and moderate fuel efficiency. Since both my wife and daughter would also be driving please suggest me a car. I personaly prefer either Hyundai Elantra or sonata,Mitsubishi Lancer or Cedia,Chevrolet optra or For Fiesta.Since the ladies drive ,is it better to go in for Automaic gear? Pleas do advice! Thank you! Soma
By Somasundaram 05 May 2010

It all depends on whether you want a hatchback or a sedan. You can't get a new sedan with all the expectations withing 4L. Among hatchbacks(new) you have the following options:
1. Zen Estilo
2. Wagon R(K-Series)
3. Santro
4. i10
5. Figo
6. Polo(a bit costlier)

Among Elantra, Sonata, Lancer, Cedia, Optra and Fiesta, All have a fairly poor resale value and are on the higher end as far as maintenance is concerned.
My personal suggestion would be:
1. Maruti Suzuki BALENO(most underrated car in INDIA)
2. Honda City VTEC
3. Honda City 1.3 or 1.5

you can get an excellent condition BALENO around 2.5-3 lacs and City(VTEC) around 4 lacs. Both the cars are too good to reject, very low on maintenance , good FE, comfort and are pleasure to drive.

As far as automatic transmission goes, it's what really your family members(ladies) are comfortable with.

Answer by Abhijit 05 May 2010

All the bigger cars in the above discussion are very, very good, well made cars. The Baleno is exceptionally solid and a bit underrated by many buyers because there aren't that many on the road, and many haven't experienced this beautifully built car. My last drive in a Baleno was over 3000km long and I didn't feel an ounce of fatigue. Get the ladies to drive the cars you are considering and see their reactions. Many ladies are quite comfortable driving manual transmission too. If you're not really bothered about resale value, you can expand your choice to really hone in on the car you feel best in.

Answer by B S Kumar 05 May 2010

Hi I am selling my ford fiesta 1.6 SXI petrol, Jan 2006, done 45500, immaculate condition....if you are in delhi plz get in touch with me at 9911337500.

Answer by Pjpswaraich 05 May 2010

dear somu,
i own a elantra crdi since 2004 sept. i have done 93000km.apart from tyres,battery once and couple of shocks i have never spent anything on it.service in hyndai is reasonable and good.had hyundai continued that model i would ve gone for it again. if you could get a good piece you can boldly go for it. good luck

Answer by Prabakar N 05 May 2010

After careful investigation i had bought a hyundai elantra and owning it for the last 3 years... My choice would be Hyundai elantra crdi as it is better in terms day-today maintenance, decent mileage, good road grip...

Answer by James 05 May 2010

Go for new one and Hatchback. Every car has option to adjust the position of driver seat. So no problem for gender. But hatchback is better to park in a very small place and easy to drive in a conjested city for man or women whatever the driver.
For your case arround 4L, i10 is the best, Ritz can be a choice. I've driven all the cars except Figo & Polo in the hatchback arena.

Answer by Sandipan P C 05 May 2010

I have owned a Hyundai Elantra GLS for over 5 years & had been using one personally till Jan2010 ! I would vouch for the Car !! It is a myth that Maintenance is Expensive - it all depends how informed you are about your Vehicle. I spent a total of Rs 20000/- in Five Years on the car & that too for Pipes / Hose or Filters !! But do keep in mind that it is a Heavy & Big Car !!

Answer by Vishal 05 May 2010

Soma, If you ask me for a suggestion, I would say -You don't need to think much about this as this isn't a lifetime decision... we have many good car's available in the market.. at the end it all depends on what your requirement is and how much you can afford.....
You having a small family; who all would be driving... go for hashback which is easy for ladies to drive and gives you an ease to drive comfirtably in traffic as well... It suits you real good as per the requirement you have... I suggest you to go for i10... I don't have it though ;) good luck dude

Answer by Raghav 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

In the budget and requirments mentioned, used Hyundai Accent would be a right selection for availbility of recent year of makes, reliability, and wasy to handle. If the drivers are well versed in driving then handling manual gear wont be problematic.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010
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