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Is it advisiable to install AC into Maruti 800(Non Ac)model which is in good condition?What would be negative effect?
By Amit Raj 05 May 2010
Expert`s comment:

,Fitting AC to maruti 800 is possible and modification could cost around 15K to 20 max.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 05 May 2010

It is not advisable to retrofit A.C. in a std. 800cc Maruti.The power developed by the engine is just adequate to propel the vehicle.Putting up additional load will drastically reduce the performance of the vehicle.With the MPFI model it could be done,since it developes more power (5.5 BHP additional)

Answer by Aniruddha Patwardhan 05 May 2010

Yes you can go for retrofitted AC which will down your average by 2 KMPL. It will also reduce the power of your car, so speeding etc could be little delayed. You will need to monitor your Heat Indicator (specially in hot summer), switch of AC and check the coolant level if goes near high. Regular (yearly once) AC service will be benefit you in hot summer.

Answer by Rajendra 05 May 2010

it is not advisable to fit A/C in maruthi 800 because in hot summer A/C effect will not be their, if more than 2 persons are there in the car then cooling will not be spending 15k to 25k in fitting A/C just for single user is not worth.

Answer by BALASUBRAMANI 05 May 2010

Installing A/C in a STD model of Maruti 800 could be very costly and would not work as normally perfect in any other Maruti 800 A/C models. It would be better if you exchange the STD M800 for a second hand MPFI Maruti 800 with A/C in it, the way I did.

Answer by Rahul Varpekar 06 June 2014

wt should i do knwo i will go for with ac car or assembled ac car

Answer by Madhu 05 May 2015

my car maruthi 800 1997 model B.H.P 8.80 are sutable for A/c Fitting

Answer by R.Ellangovan 09 September 2015

I have good condion 800std car model 2010

Answer by Sanddepkumar 02 February 2016

What is price of AC kit of maruti 800

Answer by Uday 03 March 2016

my maruti suzuki 800 does not have an AC button in the space. Does it mean that it does not have AC installed??

Answer by Khalid 11 November 2016

i have alto800 year 2014 model std now i want fit the ac now it is possible or not? & where to be fitted?

Answer by Yallappa Gowler 01 January 2017

Kya maritime alto 800 STD model me AC fit ho skti hai ? Plz advise me

Answer by Pawan 01 January 2017

Cost of fitting ac in

Answer by Kumar Avinash 04 April 2018


Answer by Sk Jaat 04 April 2019

I have maruthi 800 with 2005 model mpfi none ac car. Is that possible to install Ac with good working condition.....

Answer by Uvais 05 May 2019

I want to install ac in maruti 800 2002 model how much cost will spend.

Answer by Harsh 06 June 2019

I have Non AC maruthi 800 model 2002. Can I fix AC and Power window. Any Service Center in Hyderabad

Answer by Mohammed Mansoor Ali Khan 08 August 2021

I have maruthi Non AC 800 model 2002. Can I fix AC and power window. 9885546853. Any service centre in Hyderabad.

Answer by Mohammed Mansoor Ali Khan 08 August 2021

Do I need RTO permission to install AC into Mruti 800 Non-AC variant.

Answer by PKL 11 November 2021
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